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Palestine Forever – Songs of Strength, Struggle, and Solidarity
by Jana Shakhashir 2-minute read October 27, 2023

In a special collaboration with Disco Arabesquo, we are proud to present Palestine Forever, a curated Spotify playlist that encapsulates 75 years of occupation, pain, resilience, resistance, and unwavering hope in the Palestinian spirit.


In the midst of relentless and devastating attacks on Gaza, it is crucial to find channels to express the rich tapestry of emotions, history, and resilience of the Palestinian people. Music emerges as a potent medium, transcending the traditional boundaries of storytelling. We find solace and strength in the power of music to tell stories and weave a narrative beyond statistics of lost lives and dignity under occupation. Music becomes a sanctuary, a space where the complexity of the Palestinian experience is honored and the enduring spirit of resistance and hope is celebrated. Through melodies and lyrics, Palestinians reclaim their narrative, ensuring that the world hears their stories, feels their pain, and stands witness to their unyielding strength.

In collaboration with Disco Arabesquo, we present to you Palestine Forever, a playlist echoing 75 years marked by occupation and pain, yet illuminated by resilience, resistance, and hope. These songs narrate the Palestinian story and the strength found in our united front. In Moataz’s words, ‘These are stories about Palestinians, for Palestinians, and by Palestinians. Because Palestine will be free in our lifetime.’ Palestine Forever is more than a playlist; it is a call to action and a reminder that the stories of Palestine are not forgotten.

Let the music speak, let it resonate, and let it remind us that our spirit remains unbroken.

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