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Overcoming My ‘Second Puberty’ at SHA Wellness Clinic
by Jana Shakhashir 6-minute read October 5, 2023

Navigating the complexities of 'second puberty' can leave one feeling like an unsolved puzzle, both physically and emotionally. SHA Wellness Clinic offers more than a spa retreat; it's a cutting-edge medical center equipped to piece it all back together.


For those who've never heard of it, the term ‘second puberty’ might come across as bewildering. As a 24-year-old woman, I can assure you it's as real as it gets. A 'second puberty' is a confusing period in our lives, often described as a second wave of adolescence that seems to settle in just as you're beginning to grow comfortable in your adult skin. Suddenly, you're thrown back into a whirlwind of hormonal changes, mysterious weight fluctuations, and emotional upheavals that leave you questioning everything about your body and self. To top it off, just when you thought you had said goodbye to hormonal acne, it makes an uninvited comeback.

That's exactly where I found myself – in the midst of my ‘second puberty’, grappling with questions that nobody seemed to have answers to. The medical professionals I consulted back home left me more bewildered than before and made me feel like all of it was somehow my fault. Feeling like a stranger in my own body, I embarked on a journey to SHA Wellness Clinic with the hope of finding much-needed answers.


From the moment I stepped into SHA, it felt like I was entering a world-class medical center. It was an environment that breathed not just tranquility but also empirical understanding. With a strong emphasis on nutrition, this was a place where the professionals weren't just going to provide temporary solutions but were prepared to delve into the scientific and medical intricacies of my body. At SHA, wellness isn't just a buzzword; it's a systematic, evidence-based pursuit. They offered a comprehensive approach, rooted in the understanding of the interconnectedness between body, mind, and diet. This wasn't about patching up a single issue; it was about providing clarity and control over my overall well-being.

The schedule at SHA was meticulously curated, starting with comprehensive General Health and Medical Examinations. These initial evaluations were straight out of a sci-fi medical drama – think Grey's Anatomy meets the Metaverse. An InBody scan was just the start, they evaluated far beyond body mass composition – from oxygen flow to cardiovascular health, stress levels, and mental and physical resilience, to name a few. There's probably no other place on the planet where you can undergo such an exhaustive array of scans within a single facility. They didn't just focus on my physical health, but my mental health too, asking all the right questions to offer a holistic view of wellness that goes beyond the surface. These assessments weren't cursory; they were deep, probing examinations designed to unearth the intricacies of my health. The range and sophistication of these resources were reassuring; I felt like I was finally going to get the answers I needed about my body.

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At SHA, wellness isn't just a BUZZWORD; it's a SYSTEMATIC, EVIDENCE-BASED pursuit. 


Then followed the Healthy Nutrition Consultation, a gateway to a renewed relationship with food, and the appointment I was the most excited about. After several painful months of obsessive calorie counting, aggressive restricting, and grueling high-intensity workouts, I found myself feeling heavier, more bloated, and more frustrated than ever. My diet consisted mainly of 300-calorie salads, 200-calorie protein bars, and 48-calorie Nescafé '2-in-1', so I didn't understand why I wasn't getting lean. (In hindsight, it's shocking to me how misguided I was in thinking this was what "eating healthy" looked like.)

The nutritionist at SHA shared a simple truth, one that, while (very) obvious to some, I had managed to repress as I clung to the illusory sense of control that calorie counting provided me: processed foods are never good for you. Irrespective of their low-calorie, sugar-free, or high-protein tags, they should not be a part of anyone's diet. I spent months eating about 1,000 calories a day, thinking that would help me reach my goals, while unknowingly filling my body with substances that did more harm than good. After this revelation, she skillfully mapped out a custom meal plan that marked the first step towards my body's much-needed detox, paving the way for SHA's distinctive approach to nutrition. To start my journey, the nutritionist designed a bespoke regimen combining elements of the 'Kushi' and 'Biolite' meals – the former being a more stringent plan aimed at detox and weight loss, and the latter being a more lenient yet balanced diet.

What makes SHA truly unique is its remarkable nutritional philosophy. They believe that nutrition should be personalized, natural, and balanced, where whole, unprocessed foods take center stage. The menu was devoid of dairy, gluten, and sugar but so rich in flavor, and the portion sizes were modest, of course, but I never left a meal still hungry. It was a far cry from the deprivation I'd assumed I'd have to endure at a wellness clinic. (Insider secret: of course, the waitstaff will hold you to your meal plan, there's no cheating at SHA. But, if you're still really hungry after a meal, they'll hook you up with a bowl of veggies seasoned with tamari that will keep your belly happy and make sure you're not going to bed with a grumbling stomach. But you didn't hear that from me!)

And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for – the treatments. From ginger compresses to hydromassage baths, private yoga lessons, facials, lymphatic drainages, and so much more, each treatment was a perfect blend of deep relaxation and a serious detox regimen. The beauty of SHA’s treatments is how tangibly results-driven they are. You aren't ever left wondering if your body is genuinely benefiting from the process or if you're just killing time in a treatment room. You feel it – the sweat coming out of you during your body wrap session, the puffiness and inflammation that disappears after the 'Hydroenergetic Detox Cure', and the improved quality of sleep after 'Brain Photobiomodulation'. With each session, you feel your body healing, rejuvenating, and responding positively to the care it's receiving.


A session I'll never forget is the 'Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)' consultation. The doctor took one look at my tongue and said, “You eat too many processed foods.” I couldn't believe she could see right through me just from a tongue examination. And when I confessed how protein bars and instant coffee made me feel in control, knowing precisely how many calories they contained, she compassionately responded, “Welcome to being a woman.” This was the first time a healthcare professional had acknowledged my struggle without judgment and put a name to the controlling patterns I'd developed. It was the validation I desperately needed but had never received from any previous doctor. This consultation became a turning point for me. The conversation was raw, honest, and deeply personal, with the doctor's understanding words validating my experiences like never before.

By the time my journey at SHA came to an end, I felt like I had evolved. Not only was I brimming with answers about my body, but I also had a newfound appreciation for it. The disconnect I had felt from my body had been replaced with a sense of harmony. I felt comfortable in my own skin as if I had finally unraveled the mysteries of my ‘second puberty’. SHA was more than just a wellness clinic for me; it was a sanctuary where I redefined my relationship with my body and myself. To anyone else navigating their second puberty or any health journey, SHA Wellness Clinic is a beacon of hope. This is not just about treatment. It's about transformation, about embracing a new version of yourself that feels more at home than ever before.

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