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Montblanc Pens a New Chapter: Wes Anderson for Meisterstück's 100th Anniversary
by Grace Gordon 5-minute read May 3, 2024

Enter a world that's quintessentially Anderson, yet unmistakably Montblanc.


Few icons stand the test of time quite like Montblanc's Meisterstück. This year, as the legendary writing instrument celebrates its centennial, the Maison is marking the occasion with a campaign that's both whimsical and reverent — a fitting tribute to a pen that's left an indelible mark on history. To bring this milestone to life, Montblanc has enlisted none other than Wes Anderson, a storyteller renowned for his distinctive visual language and offbeat narratives. The result is a campaign that transports us to a world that's quintessentially Anderson, yet unmistakably Montblanc. 

“The campaign was almost two years in the making,” said Vincent Montalescot, Montblanc's Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer, in an exclusive interview with Savoir Flair. “With a 100-year celebration, we [wanted] to unleash the maximum of creativity [in the campaign]. It began with our archive approach, which led to the topic of cinema. The Meisterstück has been present, organically, in so many films and television shows – from James Bond and Never Say Never Again to, more recently, The Crown and Succession.” Meanwhile, the brand has previously collaborated with Wim Wenders in 2011 and Spike Lee in 2020. 


It seemed only natural that creative filmmakers would be a guiding light when it came to the Meisterstück centennial celebration. But who would they go with? With cinema laid as the foundation for the Meisterstück celebration, the brand looked at a few more potential directions. “Marco [Montblanc’s Creative Director] mentioned color. After that, we considered the craftsman behind the Meisterstück and their attention to detail. For example, it takes 35 steps to create the nib of the pen. Combining these things – filmmakers with unique storytelling styles, color, and attention to detail – it only took us one minute to conclude that we should do the campaign with Wes Anderson.”

To Montblanc’s delight, Anderson made the surprising decision not only to write and direct the campaign but also star in it alongside his cinematic universe pals Jason Schwartzman and Rupert Friend. “We didn't force anything. We didn't ask him to be in front of the camera. He came up with that,” Montalescot shared. The centerpiece of the collaboration is a short film that unfolds at fictional Montblanc headquarters, perched atop the majestic Mont Blanc mountain itself. Here, Anderson’s trio of eccentric characters guides us through the maison's storied past and the Meisterstück's enduring legacy.


From the snow-capped peak that inspired the brand's emblem to the imaginary High-Mountain Library that nods to Montblanc's literary spirit, the film is a treasure trove of subtle references that will delight devotees of both the maison and the director. Anderson's signature wit shines through in the characters' lively banter as they praise the virtues of this “fountain pen designed over 100 years ago for the adventurous traveler.” But the Meisterstück isn't the only star of the show. 

The film also offers glimpses of Montblanc's other luxury offerings, from timepieces to leather goods, reminding us that the maison's expertise extends far beyond writing instruments. For Montalescot, it was a delicate tightrope between bringing Montblanc’s well-defined codes together with Anderson’s signature cinematic style, but one that Anderson grasped immediately. “It was important to me that our codes could exist on a single page. We have our color palette, our nib, writing, Montblanc, travel,” Montalescot described. “Wes got it. That’s his talent. We had to accept that it could go in a very different direction from what we had in mind because we picked someone who is extremely creative. We were on set watching and listening, but not controlling.” The results speak for themselves.


At the heart of the campaign is a celebration of the written word and the pure joy of putting pen to paper. As the characters sit at their desks, they take up a challenge at the final moment: “Let’s write.” Here, they become lost in the flow of creation. It is an effortless and clever way to remind the audience of the timeless pleasure of writing by hand, whether it's crafting a journal entry or penning the next great novel. This theme carries through to the campaign's print and digital elements, which feature an ensemble cast including Maude Apatow, Waris Ahluwalia, Lee Jinuk, and Jing Boran, all inhabiting Anderson's reimagined Montblanc universe. Amplifying the creativity of the campaign is a new Montblanc pop-up stationed on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where guests are greeted to a cinema-like setting filled with the hush of rich tapestries and lush carpets appointed in punchy shades that compliment Montblanc’s range of pens, leather goods, and travel-ready instruments.

As the Meisterstück embarks on its second century, this collaboration serves as a testament to its enduring appeal and its ability to inspire generations of writers, dreamers, and adventurers. In the words of Montalescot, "It was finally time to make this writing icon the protagonist of the story." And what a story it is. Through Anderson's lens, we rediscover Montblanc not as a staid purveyor of luxury, but as a brand with a sense of humor, a rich heritage, and an unwavering commitment to the power of the written word. "Let's Write," the campaign urges us, and we can't help but feel inspired to pick up a Meisterstück and embark on our own creative journey. Here's to the next 100 years of masterful storytelling, both on-screen and on the page. Join Savoir Flair at the historic Paramour Estate, where Montblanc hosted an enchanting evening, unveiling its new campaign. The event featured speeches from distinguished guests, a special performance by John Legend, and an exhibition that showcased the evolution of the Meisterstück over the decades.

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