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The Art of a Quick Change, Featuring Miu Miu and Three Stylish Tastemakers
by Savoir Flair 2-minute read September 20, 2023

Ever wondered how the Miu Miu girl effortlessly transitions from daytime casual to nighttime glam?

In Savoir Flair's “Quick Change” series, we paint the picture of the Miu Miu girl in all her multifaceted charm. With an innate ability to shift from a relaxed day look to a statement-making evening ensemble, she personifies Miu Miu’s allure.





Our series takes readers on a journey from the heartbeats of city streets right into the haven of Miu Miu boutiques. Beyond just visuals, it’s an immersion into the spirit of Miu Miu — a brand that, for decades, has always danced to its own rhythm.



The Miu Miu 'Style Series' begins in Dubai, where each look tells its own tale. Dima Sheikhly channels the Miu Miu essence: sophisticated with a hint of daring. Every corner turned is a new style chapter, showcasing the versatility of each piece.

Our series continues with Rawan Mahdi in Kuwait, revealing another chapter of Miu Miu’s best looks. As the cityscape shifts, Rawan’s choices reflect the dynamism and character of Miu Miu.

In Riyadh, Shouq and Miu Miu’s unconventional elegance come alive amidst the city’s dynamic canvas. As every outfit and accessory falls into place, the Miu Miu 'Style Series' unfolds, capturing the very essence of the brand.

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