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Milan Fashion Week
The Milan Fashion Week Highlights You Might Have Missed
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by Mimi Droeshout 5-minute read September 24, 2023

This season, Milan Fashion Week was filled with milestone moments, from Sabato de Sarno's debut at Gucci to a supermodel-studded runway at Versace. Savoir Flair recaps the key takeaways from the week.

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Sunnei's Judgement Day

Sunnei, known for its extremely thought-provoking and viral show concepts, hit the nail on the head once again this season. In a court-like ambiance, Sunnei invited its audience to play judge and jury, instantly rating each look with scorecards that ranged from one to 10. The show was an electrifying blend of bold creativity and immediate public sentiment. It wasn't just a fashion show; it was a social experiment that kept everyone on the edge of their seats and garnered a lot of attention, as the brand's shows usually do.

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Boss's Corporate Future

This season, Boss transported us to a dystopian corporate landscape. Inspired by the film Being John Malkovich, the show seamlessly integrated traditional corporate wear with a touch of science fiction. The set was filled with micro corporate scenes that depicted endless meetings and automation's new prominence in our lives. It was a riveting vision of a high-tech, high-fashion future, complete with a cast that included Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini, the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant's daughter Natalia Bryant, as well as a special appearance by the infamous AI robot, Sophie. “There was a moment where Boss was really intended as an office uniform,” said Creative Director Marco Falconi. Building on that idea, he took the concept to the next level in new, fluorescent-lit ways.

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The Attico Debuts on the Streets of Milan

This was no ordinary runway. The Attico literally took to the streets of Milan for its first-ever show. Models emerged from an apartment, striding down a road lined with lavish vintage couches. The brand's runway debut was an extravagant street party, celebrating urban elegance with a guest list that read like a who's-who of the fashion world. From Gucci’s Sabato de Sarno to Ferragamo’s Maximilian Davis, the attendees were nearly as impressive as the clothes. 

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Missoni's Kaleidoscope

Missoni took us on a whimsical journey with a lighter, more ethereal palette than we've come to expect from this color-forward house. The collection emphasized layering techniques that transformed its softer hues into something visually sumptuous, giving attendees a reason to explore their elegant imaginations. "Just like the combinations in a kaleidoscope are infinite, so are the Missoni ways to enjoy reality — as many as one desires," said the house's Creative Director Filippo Grazioli

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Del Core's Wearable Architecture

Here, architecture met fashion in a harmonious blend of ready-to-wear and couture. Del Core's collection evoked the sharp lines of brutalist buildings while simultaneously capturing the delicacy of nature with structures that curved like the petals of an orchid. It was a visual symphony that beckoned attendees to delve into the intricate details of each piece.

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C Stands for Cool and Cavalli

There was a revival at Roberto Cavalli, a name you might typically associate with the maximalist grandeur of yesteryear. This season, the brand gracefully sauntered back into our collective fashion consciousness, but with a je ne sais quoi that spelled cool. The runway was a parade of models, each look styled to such perfection that it felt like Cavalli had read our innermost desires. The iconic Cavalli prints were there too — only this time, they were reimagined, more understated, and yet, still irresistible. 

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Sabato De Sarno's Debut At Gucci

"And then, just like that, Gucci turned the page and opened a new chapter. The signal of the sea change came from the first look, a simple black coat paired with a glossy, crimson ‘Jackie’ and leather flatform loafers. Surfaces were mostly unadorned for a large portion of the show; gone were the frills, layers, and embroideries of Alessandro Michele’s era. Here, in their place, were well-cut minimalist separates and lengths and fits that skewed youthful, body-con, and hip." Read our full review here

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At Fendi, Kim Jones is in a Roman State of Mind

"The form of their outfits is familiar but always finished with a well-placed slit, a surprisingly wide collar, or an unexpected shoulder cut-out. It makes for a wardrobe that is smart and confident, but totally wearable. And the accessories? They add the oomph that every fashionable woman looks to inject into her wardrobe." Read our full review here.


Bottega Veneta Proves Quiet Luxury Doesn't Have to be Bland

"The name Bottega Veneta has started to take on new meaning under the guidance of Matthieu Blazy. It seems to denote something different than its previous eras, something  that is clearly defined with a distinct and unshakable point of view. Bottega Veneta. It sounds to me like exquisite, intensive, eye-popping craftsmanship; like the coolest woman in the room who just happens to be wearing something super simple but discretely well-made (Julianne Moore, I’m thinking about you); like money and class and intelligence." Read our full review here

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The Pradafication of Fashion Is Upon Us

"I’m here for the Pradafication of fashion. I’ve been around long enough to remember when Prada was faltering because it was so late to the social media game. It was a painful time for devotees because we knew all along that this was one of modern fashion’s most important and influential brands. We just needed the rest of the world to catch up. Fortunately, the days that Prada fell behind are long gone. Now, it leads the pack." Read our full review here

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Versace Strikes An Accord Between Minimalism and Nostalgia

"Demonstrating the house’s “give the people what they want” mentality, the show venue was minimally decorated, with a black-and-white harlequin tiled floor and towering floor-to-ceiling white curtains as a backdrop. But the sheer size and scale of it made it all the more impressive, and when the lights came on and everyone had a democratically assigned front-row seat, they gave the audience a crystal clear look at the glamour unfolding before them." Read our full review here.

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