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Marli New York’s Life Collection Shines in this Artistic Editorial Film

by Savoir Flair 3-minute read July 31, 2023

Marli New York's Life collection gleams as Lea Makhoul dances, blurring lines between jewelry and rhythm.


Marli New York has unveiled a captivating and impactful editorial film featuring rising star, Lea Makhoul. This production serves as a vibrant celebration of Marli New York’s Life collection, a stunning embodiment of hope, love, and optimism that resonates with the continuous experiences we encounter throughout our journey.


Marli New York Life Collection

Set against the backdrop of a dynamic dance studio, the environment served as the ideal canvas for capturing Makhoul’s raw talent and expressive prowess. With graceful movements and an undeniable presence, she seamlessly merged her dance sequences with exquisite jewelry pieces from the Life collection. The camera adeptly captured the intricate details of the jewelry as they became a part of her performance, enhancing their overall elegance and allure.

Marli New York Life Collection

Marli New York Life Collection

Marli New York Life Collection

Marli New York Life Collection

As the film unfolds, it becomes abundantly clear that Lea Makhoul’s artistry extends far beyond the boundaries of the music industry. Her passion for music, her innate ability to connect with her audience, and her compelling storytelling are testament to her incredible talent. Marli New York, recognizing the immense potential within Makhoul, considers her the perfect representative for their Life collection. In doing so, the brand pays homage to the transformative power of jewelry, which serves as a symbolic reflection of the meaningful connections we forge in our lives.

This editorial film showcases not only the brilliance of Marli New York’s Life collection but also the indomitable spirit of Lea Makhoul, whose star continues to rise. With her unwavering dedication and magnetic charisma, she has transcended the confines of the music industry, inspiring audiences far and wide. Through this campaign, Marli New York and Lea Makhoul have created a compelling narrative that illustrates the profound impact of art, music, and jewelry on our collective human experience.

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