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Naomi Campbell Loves Maderotherapy — And Soon, You Will Too
by Savoir Flair 3-minute read January 10, 2024

Naomi Campbell spills the beans on her secret weapon for 'runway legs'.


While cellulite is perfectly normal, Naomi Campbell — and the majority of us  — can all agree that it’s “not cute.” Speaking on her YouTube channel, the supermodel divulged her secret weapon to getting her “runway legs”: maderotherapy. “It’s not painful, but it’s not soothing,” Campbell revealed with a laugh.

Maderotherapy, also known as wood therapy, is an ancient massage technique that originated in Colombia and gained popularity in the 1990s. The word “madero” comes from the Spanish word for “wood” —  which is fitting because the procedure uses wooden tools to massage the body. The aim is to improve lymphatic circulation, which can lead to significant changes in the body’s appearance and proportions, as well as overall health.

How Does It Work?

Maderotherapy involves the use of ergonomically designed wooden tools to target the fascia, which is the connective tissue that supports every muscle, bone, and organ in the body. Through the precise application of pressure, the treatment stimulates lymphatic circulation, improves the skin’s natural elasticity, and diminishes the appearance of cellulite. But that’s not all; the massage also breaks down stubborn fat deposits, increasing blood flow to the treated areas and resulting in a more contoured and sculpted physique.

What Are Its Benefits?

By stimulating microcirculation and blood flow, maderotherapy can eliminate cellulite and stubborn fat from areas such as the legs, hips, arms, and stomach while lifting and firming the buttocks. In addition to its slimming effects, it also jumpstarts metabolism, promotes fat burning, and tightens the skin. Maderotherapy also provides a sense of relaxation, controls stress levels, improves sleep quality, and boosts confidence.

What Sets It Apart?

Unlike other cosmetic methods such as laser treatments, ultrasound cellulite removal, or liposuction, maderotherapy works to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in the body, resulting in a powerful elimination of cellulite at its root. This non-invasive, all-natural procedure is safe and has no contraindications except for occasional minor bruising.

What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

First-timers undergo a consultation where the therapist determines the number of treatments necessary for optimal results. A series of 10 to 20 sessions typically produces the best results, depending on individual factors and lifestyle. Maintenance treatments are then recommended three to five times a year to prevent cellulite from reappearing. Although clients may feel some tingling or discomfort during the procedure in congested cellulite areas, after a few sessions, discomfort is replaced by relaxation, as fat blocks and cellulite deposits are broken down and flushed out. Needless to say, drinking plenty of water and maintaining a nutritious diet can optimize and accelerate the results.

Where to Get Maderotherapy Done in Dubai?

If you’re considering maderotherapy, keep in mind that it is not a one-time treatment, as a series of 10 to 20 sessions is typically recommended. Beware of scams that promise to eliminate your cellulite in a single day. Instead, take the time to research reputable establishments that offer this service to ensure that you receive the best possible care. Below, Savoir Flair has curated a list of the reputable places to get maderotherapy treatments in Dubai.

The Nail Pavilion, Al Barari is not only our go-to destination for excellent manis and pedis, but is also one of our trusted places when it comes to self-care and wellness. Among its offerings is the maderotherapy lymphatic drainage massage, which is a 90-minute session guaranteed to relieve tension and stimulate circulation.

Ivory Aesthetics Clinic is a one-stop clinic for various health and beauty services. Maderotherapy is one of its non-invasive body treatments to provide a holistic and effective reduction of resistant cellulite pockets. The clinic recommends a pre-consultation with its team before undergoing any procedure.

Mai Tai is a reputable and reliable home-service provider dedicated to delivering self-care experiences at the comfort of your own place. With a commitment to quality, Mai Tai uses all-natural essential oils and premium-grade ingredients sourced from verified origins. From deep-tissue and face-sculpting to anti-cellulite and maderotherapy massage, Mai Tai ensures a hassle-free self-care experience from a certified therapist.

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