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Why Louis Vuitton's Les Extraits Collection Is One for the History Books
by Sanika Tipnis 5-minute read October 18, 2021

A collaboration between two masters of their respective crafts has yielded one of Louis Vuitton's most exciting fragranced collections to date.


The new Louis Vuitton Les Extraits fragrance collection is one for the history books. Why? For starters, it is one to be born out of a unique collaboration between Louis Vuitton's master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and award-winning architect Frank Gehry. The Canadian-American architect is the mastermind behind some of the most spectacular, awe-inspiring buildings, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. And now, he's designed a stunning, sculptural bottle to house the Louis Vuitton 'Les Extraits' collection. While it is not the architect's first time working with the French maison, the collaboration marks his debut in the olfactory world. 

It is no secret that the spirit of traveling makes the very foundation of the brand, which originally manufactured luggage. As the world takes flight after coming to an abrupt standstill in 2020, the Louis Vuitton Les Extraits celebrates the spirit of travel. In fact, the collection — inspired by the desire to achieve the extraordinary — goes a step further and explores the getaways in time and space. Free of constraints, the Louis Vuitton Les Extraits collection is an ode to liberation and movement. This idea manifests as a collection of five divine fragrances sans top, heart, or base notes.

Speaking about the impeccable fragrance collection, Belletrud says, "I wanted to venture where no one goes anymore – to reinvent the notion of an "extrait" in a contemporary way. To bring in light, expand matter, and lighten things up. I wanted to deconstruct the very architecture of perfume. That's how the Louis Vuitton 'Les Extraits' collection was born: five perfumes with no top, heart, or base notes to reveal the quintessence of each olfactory family."


While Belletrud strips down the very construct of fragrance, Gehry uses his unique aesthetic based on movement and the distortion thereof to create a remarkable sculpture to house the enchanting extracts. For his first-ever perfume bottle design, the award-winning architect drew inspiration from his passion for sailing. Revising the original design by Marc Newson, Gehry altered the original construct to bring alive an artistic metallic cap made out of crumpled aluminum to give the effect of a transparent sail gliding through space. 

"I wanted to approach the project from a sculptural point of view – to bring something different to perfume. It's not a finished geometric form; it's just movement. Visual movement with the added interest of ephemerality," explains Gehry.

The unique encounter between the two masters – the nose and the eye – has blossomed into an enthralling bouquet of five fragrances: 'Dancing Blossom,' 'Cosmic Cloud,' 'Rhapsody,' 'Symphony,' and 'Stellar Times,' that make up the Louis Vuitton Les Extraits collection. Shop the perfumes here.

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