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Behind the Scent: Unveiling Les Exclusifs de Chanel

by Savoir Flair 2-minute read October 26, 2023

Blending the past and present, Chanel’s fragrance collection celebrates the modern woman.


In the realm of luxury and timeless sophistication, Chanel stands unrivaled — its name conjuring tales of glamour, artistry, and iconic elegance. The Maison has once again crafted a fragrant narrative with its Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection. This exquisite ensemble of fragrances, designed for both men and women, is an olfactory tribute to Mademoiselle Chanel’s storied life. Each scent tells a tale — from the rich ambery notes of Coromandel, reminiscent of the lacquered screens in her apartment, to the white musks honoring the year 1957 when the US celebrated her, and the ambery-leathery essence of Le Lion de Chanel, a nod to her astrological sign. Housed in bottles of austere elegance, featuring a clear glass monolith design and crowned with a magnetic black cap adorned with the iconic double C monogram, this collection transcends the realm of mere perfume, offering a glimpse into history.


Mademoiselle Chanel was more than a designer; she was an elemental force, seamlessly weaving nature, culture, and French spirit into every creation. Her character, a vivid embodiment of temperament, was pivotal in ensuring the Chanel brand’s enduring legacy. This temperament is the essence of Les Exclusifs de Chanel. Each spritz from the bottle unveils Gabrielle Chanel’s complexity and mystique. In this exclusive editorial by Savoir Flair, our short film encapsulates her quintessential spirit. 

This cinematic portrayal introduces viewers to the modern Chanel woman — a figure who, while embracing today’s elegance, remains profoundly linked to Chanel’s legacy. As she adorns herself with pearls, deftly applies her lipstick, and concludes her ritual with the signature fragrance, viewers are whisked away to a realm where the past merges with the present.

For a deeper understanding of this sensory experience, you’re cordially invited to join Chanel for an exciting event. Be part of this mesmerizing journey by registering on this page.

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