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Rossano Ferretti's Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair in the Middle East
by Savoir Flair 5-minute read May 16, 2024

The ultimate haircare guide, brought to you by the world's hair maestro.

With over 30 years of professional experience, a clientele of high-profile individuals, and his own international TV show, Rossano Ferretti has rightfully earned the title of "World's Hair Maestro." Hailing from a family with nearly a century of hairdressing heritage, Ferretti truly embodies Italian haircare mastery. "I've long believed that beautiful, luxurious feeling hair starts with healthy hair and that we have the power to harness the best of nature's bounty and use it in the right way," he says.

The hairstyling legend is now joining forces with another powerhouse beauty brand to bring salon-quality results straight to our homes. The KIKO Milano Haircare by Rossano Ferretti line combines KIKO Milano’s dedication to providing high-quality, accessible beauty products with Ferretti's decades of experience in creating luxurious, transformative haircare treatments for a line designed to deliver salon-quality results with minimum fuss. With meticulously crafted formulations boasting over 90 percent natural origin ingredients, the range is vegan and enriched with a hyaluronic acid complex and Italian walnut extract. These additions offer clinically proven benefits such as improved nourishment, frizz control, reduced breakage, and decreased dryness.

"Kiko, with their proven expertise and dedication to makeup and beauty, pairs perfectly with our haircare heritage," explains Ferretti. "I believe hair is the ultimate beauty statement, and so this partnership allows customers to find a complete beauty routine with healthy, effective, and amazingly crafted products for hair, skincare, and makeup."

Savoir Flair had the pleasure of speaking with Ferretti to gain insight into how this line would provide a comprehensive haircare solution, addressing the unique challenges faced by women in the region. Discover the perfect haircare routine below, as recommended by the icon himself, using KIKO Milano Haircare by Rossano Ferretti. 


Cleanse & Condition

Begin your haircare routine with the Nourish & Protect Shampoo. This lightweight, creamy formula is designed to hydrate and strengthen all hair types. It effectively combats dryness, ensuring your locks remain strong and luminous. Complement this with the Nourish & Protect Conditioner, which deeply moisturizes and softens your hair, leaving it effortlessly manageable and silky smooth.

Rossano Ferretti notes, "Women in the Middle East often face challenges like hair dehydration, frizz, and damage due to the dry, hot climate and frequent exposure to air conditioning. To combat these issues, I recommend using products that hydrate and nourish the hair. Both of these products feature a light and creamy texture suitable for moisturizing all hair types."

Additionally, the varying water quality around the world, particularly the harder water in the region, can exacerbate dryness and leave your hair feeling parched. Ferretti addresses this concern, stating, "The different qualities of water, especially hard water, can lead to unwanted buildup on the scalp and hair, affecting overall hair health. That's why I'm proud of the Nourish & Protect Shampoo's cleansing formula, which helps mitigate the effects of hard water." The product not only combats buildup but also ensures simultaneous nourishment for your hair.


Deep Conditioning Treatment

Treat your hair to the Nourish & Protect Hair Mask once or twice a week. This deep conditioning formula delivers a silky sensation and a regenerative effect as it effortlessly detangles the hair. Ideal for combating dryness and preventing breakage, this mask also reduces frizz and tangles, ensuring your hair receives the nourishment and key ingredients it needs. With summer approaching, maintaining hydration is crucial. Ferretti advises, "To keep hair hydrated in the hot and dry Middle Eastern climate, regularly use hydrating hair masks and serums."


Heat Protection and Styling

"Given the popularity of heat styling and hair treatments in the region, it's crucial to maintain hair hydration using hair masks, serums, and oils. I suggest utilizing the Kiko Milano Nourish & Protect Hair Spray," says Ferretti. "Applying it to damp hair before heat styling ensures strands are shielded and moisturized, aiding in the reduction of frizz and breakage." This lightweight spray gives a glossy finish without any greasiness while nourishing the hair and reducing dryness.


Daily Nourishment

Complete your daily haircare routine with the Nourish & Protect Daily Hair Serum. This treatment is specially designed to nourish, soften, and reduce dryness in long hair. Simply apply a small amount to the ends of your hair for a refined, healthy-looking finish. Ferretti also recommends incorporating rosemary oil into your regimen to stimulate hair growth and alleviate dandruff or scalp irritation, enhancing the overall health and appearance of your hair.


Scalp Care and Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential for overall hair health, especially in the Middle Eastern climate where dandruff and oiliness can be intensified. "Maintaining a healthy scalp environment is key to combating dandruff and oiliness," Ferretti explains. He suggests avoiding overwashing, as this can strip away natural oils, and recommends regularly massaging your scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Beyond topical treatments, Ferretti highlights the importance of nutrition in nurturing healthy hair. He recommends incorporating a balanced diet rich in green vegetables, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds, along with proper hydration to help achieve luscious locks.

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