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5 Foolproof Outfit Formulas for a Job Interview
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by Grace Gordon 3-minute read January 9, 2024

Where fashion sense is serious business, let these five style tips guide your interview look.

The emancipated woman of the 21st century has her résumé ready to go at all times and her job interview skills down to a science. However, first impressions are the most important part of the interview – humans can’t help making them, and those snap judgments can become fatal if you’re not looking as put-together as you’d like.

Savoir Flair has already demonstrated what not to wear to a job interview, but there are plenty of questions surrounding what to wear, and we’re here to answer them. There are a few rules of thumb to remember. Don’t show too much skin – you’re here for a job interview, not a date, after all. Oversized silhouettes might be “in” right now, but sloppy proportions are not. If anything about your outfit is flashy, let it be your accessories.

If you’re having trouble coming up with just the right thing to wear, we’ve come up with five completely foolproof outfit formulas to wear to a job interview that are so good they’ll either help get you hired or at least advance to the next round of interviews.


Relaxed but Polished

You don’t have to select a full-on suit to get the polished professional message across. This look dips its toe into corporate style without going overboard. In fact, your jacket doesn’t have to match your trousers, but it’s a good idea to stick with complementary neutrals. Last, but not least, an “It” bag can help showcase your sense of style – to a future employer, this could signal both your good taste and your keen eye for excellence.


Dischordant Coordination

An outfit that pops makes for a more memorable job interview, but you definitely do not want to overdo it. That means no metallics, no neons, and no glitter or sequins. Instead, pick subtly clashing patterns and separates that fit like a glove, and your “notice me” look suddenly becomes a professional standby instead of an eyesore.


Modern Suiting

If you’re going to rock a suit – and by all means you should, especially if you’re applying for an executive-level position – try one that reflects today’s modern standards. We love the slight flare to her trousers and the triple-wrap belt. While you don’t have to copy those elements exactly, keep current trends in mind and make sure your suit is tailored to fit you beautifully.


Femme and Flattering

For the femme and flattering interview look, your ideal style icon is Kate Middleton. She loves fit-and-flare silhouettes that accentuate her figure without overemphasizing it, plus she gets bonus points for picking a dress in a timeless gingham pattern. A simple frock and heels are absolute fail-safe companions.


Elegant Lines

A blouse and skirt are always reliable pairings for a job interview. However, we really love Olivia Palermo’s take on the look. She teamed together a slightly oversized silk blouse with a longline skirt, and the result was so elegant. Her snakeskin flats are stylish, but if you want to amp up the look, wear heels. You could also swap a pencil skirt for a similarly polished ensemble.

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