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The Dos and Don’ts of Job Interview Makeup
by Savoir Flair 4-minute read January 8, 2024

Ace your interview with confidence and the right touch of makeup — no stress necessary.

The last thing you want to be worrying about before a job interview is what you look like, and you really don’t want to be stressing about your makeup situation. 

There’s a fine balance between looking overdone and like you haven’t put any effort in. Fortunately, Savoir Flair is here to the rescue with handy tips on what you should and shouldn’t do to beautify yourself. We'll guide you through selecting the right shades and techniques to enhance your professional appearance without overshadowing your skills and qualifications.



Research the vibe of the company.

The more corporate the company, the more conservative you need to keep your makeup. In contrast, you can afford to get a little more creative for a job at a fashion label or design agency.



Experiment with makeup you haven’t tried before.

You want to feel and look like yourself, and you’ll most likely end up feeling self-conscious if you do otherwise. Stick to what you know and what you’re good at.



Cake it on.

Unless you really need a full-coverage foundation, opt for a sheer formula or BB cream. You want to look polished, but not OTT, and it’s always a good idea to let your natural skin shine through.



Prime, prime, prime!

No matter what you’re applying on top, primer will help smooth your skin and keep your makeup in place – perfect if you’re feeling nervous and flustered.



Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

Leaving your makeup to the last minute means you’re more likely to make a mistake or get hot and bothered. Ideally, lay out your products and work out exactly what you’re going to use the night before. This will set you up perfectly for the next day.



Pack a powder in your bag.

Not only will a loose powder set your makeup and stop it from sliding, but it’s also the ideal pre-interview product to help you look fresh before going in. Additionally, it will absorb any excess moisture or sweat if you’re feeling anxious.



Overdo the blusher.

This is especially applicable if you’re someone who tends to blush when you’re nervous or flustered. Instead, opt for a touch of bronzer with a subtle highlight to add some warmth and life to your skin.



Color correct to counteract redness.

A green primer or concealer will work wonders at balancing out red tones (the two colors are opposites on the color wheel) and, when used under foundation, you won’t even know it’s there.



Wear false lashes.

They might help open your eyes and make you feel like a superstar, but you’re also running the risk of becoming paranoid about them falling off during the interview – what’s worse is that it might actually happen!



Wear a waterproof, natural-looking mascara instead.

You don’t want to sit there with clumpy spider lashes, and you certainly don’t want your mascara to smudge beforehand or mid-interview.



Load on the liner.

Panda eyes are never a good thing, especially during a job interview. A white kohl along your lower waterline will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. If you do want to add your regular brown or black version, just use it to draw a very thin line along your lower lashes and a line that hugs your upper lash line.



Wear red lipstick.

A red lip done right can give you an added boost of confidence and is associated with strength and professionalism. To get the best of both worlds, opt for a red lip tint or stain for a subtler look. However, if you're bold enough to go for full red lipstick, remember to keep the rest of your face super simple. A minimalistic approach with neutral tones on your eyes and cheeks will allow your lips to be the statement without overwhelming your overall appearance.



Go for crazy eyeshadow.

Metallic hues and neons are trending, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear them all the time – and it’s safe to say your interviewer isn’t evaluating your ability to channel the latest runway look. If you walk into an interview with a bright-blue hue or some other crazy color on your eyelids, they’ll be more focused on that (and less on you and your answers).



Go for natural, soft shades instead.

Earthy tones like nude, beige, and soft brown are perfect as they will accentuate your eyes, rather than overpower them. Avoid anything super sparkly or glittery, and save the smoky eye for your next girls’ night out.



Groom your eyebrows.

This shows that you have made an effort and pay attention to the little details. A quick tweeze of stray hairs the night before and some brow gel the day of are all you need.



Go for bright shades on your nails.

Keep it classy with a classic red or go for a nude, natural shade. Always make sure your nails are tidy and looked after – you can’t hide your hands during an interview!

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