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Sabina Belli: Leading the Future of Luxury with Pomellato's Empowering Vision
by Grace Gordon 6-minute read October 30, 2023

Pomellato's CEO Sabina Belli is carving an incredible legacy as a female CEO who uses her position to enact positive change in the luxury world and beyond.


Luxury jewelry house Pomellato’s CEO Sabina Belli is a rarity in the luxury industry – a female CEO. Only five percent of CEOs in the world are women, and while she is one of a few, her position grants her a unique perspective, especially concerning women's empowerment. There is an oft-repeated adage, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and it is an idea that seems to resonate throughout Belli’s work. From empowering messaging to ensuring Pomellato’s commitment to sustainability, responsible leadership is at the heart of everything she does. A role model, an inspiration, and a stalwart champion of diversity and ethical business practices, Belli is an exemplary study of what a CEO in luxury should be. 

In an exclusive interview with Savoir Flair, Belli emphasized that her leadership role isn't just about guiding a brand but also about setting a precedent. "Being a female CEO isn't just a title; it's a statement. Every decision I make, every strategy I adopt, carries with it the weight of representing women in an industry that hasn't always been inclusive," Belli remarked. 

This parlays directly into Belli’s view on the ambassadors that Pomellato works with. She is adamant about the brand ambassadors representing more than just faces. They symbolize the diversity and strength of women globally. She mentioned, "*Our ambassadors are storytellers. They bring with them their histories, struggles, and victories. Each one represents a facet of femininity, from determination to vulnerability, which resonates with our jewelry.*"

Her unique point of view also led her to establish #PomellatoforWomen, a communication platform aimed at empowerment. “With #PomellatoForWomen, we created a community that gathers these powerful women - from various disciplines, ages, and backgrounds – who act as bearers of the brand’s values. Men who support women are also important to carry a common vision and help to change the mindset,” she shared. 

Her community-building extends beyond Pomellato’s ambassadors and communication platforms to encapsulate its supply chains and artisans. The brand has committed to ethically sourcing its materials, and ensuring that a holistic approach to sustainability is applied to every aspect of business, from sourcing to retail. While Pomellato's commitment to using 100 percent responsible gold is commendable, Belli stresses that sustainability at Pomellato goes beyond raw materials. "Sustainability isn't a mere checklist for us," she explained. "From our workshops' energy consumption to our packaging and supply chain decisions, we're looking at the broader picture." 


This alone sets Pomellato in a league of its own, but so does it unique and mesmerizing designs. While Pomellato is known for its colored gemstones and chains, Belli emphasized the brand's deeper design philosophy. “This idea of modernity is imprinted in the DNA of the brand together with the concept of freedom,” she said. “In the late 1960s, when it was founded, Pomellato shook the clichés of traditional, conservative jewelry to create sophisticated jewels to be worn for every occasion. It was a revolutionary idea at that time. We were the first to take the jewels out of the safe and transform them into precious and fashionable items. Today, we are still coherent with that vision, and women are still at the center of the Pomellato universe.”

Take the latest collection, for example, which takes the scarab as its inspiration. A longtime symbol of rebirth and rejuvenation, it became a popular fertility amulet in ancient Egypt. It is a reference that brings together the ideas of strength and softness, the dual sides of femininity.  "Our designs are reflections of life's contrasts – they're bold yet delicate, contemporary yet timeless," she elaborated. The new Scarabeo di Pomellato collection isn't just about aesthetics; it has a deeper meaning that belies its surface beauty. 

With artisanship at the core of Pomellato’s exquisite creations, the maison has been especially mindful of what new generations can bring to the table. Belli's vision for Pomellato isn't confined to the present; she's deeply invested in shaping the future. Through Pomellato's partnership with the Galdus school in Milan, they're ensuring that the age-old craft of goldsmithing doesn't fade away. She's particularly proud of the increasing number of young women showing interest in the traditionally male-dominated field. "It's not just about preserving a craft; it's about reshaping its future," she highlighted. 

A reshaped future, for Belli, doesn’t just include women; it demands their participation. “We need a change of mindset. We cannot wait to fill the gap in more than 100 years as per the UN‘s assumption,” she said emphatically. “I think we have to teach girls that they can do great things, it is something that must be taken into account and that must be in the social conversation, in politics because if they have that vision of themselves, they will be able to reach what they want. Of course, it is complicated because when girls become women, they have obligations, they have their children, their family, work... and often they suffer great social pressure that can make them feel guilty.” It’s a challenge that faces many women with strong career hopes today. There is a permeating idea that in order to gain the life you want, you must give up other things like family. “The system does not help, and it is difficult to organize to take care of the children, for example. But the saddest thing is that, in general, women tend to think that if they don't sacrifice themselves, they are not good mothers. Why women and not men? Why do they have less of a guilt complex? There are still a lot of stereotypes when it comes to gender….in companies and societies, we need to fight these stereotypes, pursue a mindset change.” A mindset change, indeed a full paradigm shift, is the banner Belli holds as she goes boldly into the future. 

She is eager to help those young women looking to make their mark in a male-dominated industry. When asked about her advice for young women, Belli's response was heartfelt. "Never let anyone define your limits. Your journey, your challenges, and your victories are uniquely yours. Own them. Celebrate them. And always, always believe in the power of resilience." Sabina Belli's tenure at Pomellato isn't just about running a luxury brand; it's about redefining luxury's meaning in today's world – making it more inclusive, sustainable, and empowering. Her leadership style and vision are both an inspiration and a testament to the brand's ethos.

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