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The Best Home Interior Shops When You’re Moving, Upgrading, or Redecorating
by Lydia Medeiros 4-minute read February 12, 2024

Home is where the art is, and we've charted the best spots to find it!

Sometimes we just need a simple upgrade in our home decor; and sometimes we have a very specific piece we are hunting for. You could be moving house, upgrading a room (or rooms), or merely looking for ways to change it up at home. Whatever your reason, you won’t find what you’re looking for unless you know where to look — and we know where to look. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite home interior and decorating hotspots so that when you do start the hunt, you will know exactly where to begin searching.

article AATI HOME

Aati Home

Aati Home, the UAE’s home interior experts for the last 40 years, is one of our go-to places for the simple reason that we repeatedly discover incredible finds every time we visit. It’s more than a furniture store. Aati Home prides itself on offering a 360-degree approach to home decorating with bespoke interior design consultation to a made-to-measure design studio. It retails leading luxury and contemporary furniture and home accessories, including a wide assortment of premium brands like MinottiFendi CasaRoberto Cavalli Home Interiors, and many more.  Plus, there is always some gem hidden that we love to bring home.

Chattels & More

Homegrown brand Chattels & More is known for its uncompromising quality and wide variety of options to suit almost every style and taste. Its unique, artistic, and practical furniture plays with various textures and shapes, resulting in both quirky and classy pieces and accessories that add that personal flavor to any space. We like options, and we like ingenuity, which is why we are always drawn to Chattels & More whenever we are in need of a room facelift.


Curate Home

A UAE-based home interior and lifestyle brand, Curate Home is an online destination filled with travel-inspired décor and unique artisanal touches. It brings sustainability, craftsmanship, and artistry to a whole new level, allowing customers to curate their home to suit their personality with bespoke accessories and furniture. Like the handcrafted coffee mug or a tussah silk throw draped over your sofa or bed, each piece is authentic, beautiful, affordable, and comes with a story.

article @DWELLME


Dwell prides itself on being “everyday luxury for your home” and it truly can give you a host of options, not just in style, color, and aesthetic, but in price as well. Not going to lie, we love the ‘Everything Under 49 AED’ section because there are some steals that go on sale that we are quick to snatch up. But we also love some of the practical yet beautiful decorations, accessories, and furniture that could literally make any place feel like home. The site is massive though, so if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, best to visit the store in person at the Dubai Hills Mall or the Dubai Marina Mall.



Interiors has been offering its customers in the UAE and beyond unique furniture, accessories, and fabrics from leading designers around the world for over 50 years. The solo UAE distributor of luxury brands such as BernhardtCornelio CappelliniA.R.T. Furniture, and Lexington, Interiors also works with its customers’ style and concepts to tailor-make creations at its in-house design studio. Honestly, if you can’t find it at Interiors, you don’t need it.

article KLEKKTIC


If you don’t already know it, allow us to introduce you to Klekktic. With a physical showroom that just opened in Al Quoz for in-person decisions, and an effortless e-commerce platform that allows you to customize contemporary designs, Klekktic is a dream to work with. Under its strict quality standards, Klekktic taps local artisans and leading manufacturers to design and deliver sleek, contemporary pieces for both indoor and outdoor living. The result is chic, affordable designs with a 3-4 week delivery guarantee.


Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau, a symbol of luxury Italian furniture, has opened its latest store in Mall of the Emirates, marking a distinctive presence in the UAE's high-end retail landscape. This store, being the first of its kind in a mall setting globally, offers a unique shopping experience that blends artistry with functionality. Designed by AMDL CIRCLE, the 500-square-meter space is an embodiment of elegance, featuring room-like settings and an exhibition path that guides visitors through a selection of the brand's iconic collections. Highlights include the Beautilities range, which infuses everyday living with well-being and style, and the limited edition Infinitamente table, a testament to Poltrona Frau's mastery in marble craftsmanship. Each piece in the store, whether it's a sculptural table or a sleek sofa, tells a story of Italian heritage and luxury, inviting visitors to discover a world of sophisticated design and unparalleled quality.


Urban Nest

Urban Nest is the Middle East supplier of well-reputed Latin American and Dutch designers like PuikHK Living, and Tiny Miracles. It focuses on sustainability, affordability, and of course, unique and creative designs. Its collections both online and in Dubai warehouses are expertly curated. Urban Nest also works with interior designers and commercial projects, so if your company is also needing a boost, Urban Nest could be your one-stop shop.


Going to Visionnaire’s new flagship store in Jumeirah is an experience in and of itself. The two-storey beachfront villa is designed from top to bottom with the ultimate luxury experience in mind. Guests feel more at home, and less like they’re shopping as they wander from perfectly laid out rooms all the way up to the rooftop terrace, taking in not only the individual pieces, but also the way they’ve been pulled so expertly together. It will be hard not to covet the whole house, let alone each individual room of your dreams. It is also an incredible place to find those interesting and beautiful pieces you’ve always admired, but never knew how to tie into your own decor.

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