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6 Practical Steps to Selling Your Pre-Loved Items Online
by Jana Shakhashir 3-minute read April 23, 2023

Declutter, earn some extra cash, and decrease your eco-footprint — all with expert guidance.


Online second-hand platforms have been rapidly growing in popularity over the past couple of years, and it’s about time we play a role in the slow-fashion revolution. Selling your pre-loved clothes truly is a win-win-win. You’re 1) decluttering your space, 2) reducing textile waste going to landfills, and 3) making some extra money to save up for your next vacation, or just to be able to buy lattes everyday and not feel bad about it. Buying second-hand fashion is a very easy way to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and by selling your old clothes, you are giving a second life to items you once loved.

It’s spring cleaning season, so you might be in the middle of Marie Kondo-ing your closet. One way to declutter, with benefits, is to sell your clothes on a second-hand platform, and it’s never been easier to do so with the plethora of options available nowadays. If you’re struggling with how to actually create your listing — from photos to descriptions and pricing, we’ve got you covered. Check out Savoir Flair’s official guide to selling your pre-loved items online.



You might not think that where you list your clothes makes a difference, but each platform actually hosts very different types of clothing, and this will affect how easily your piece will sell. Take Depop, Vestiaire Collective, and Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD), for example. If you’re selling more quirky, unique items, maybe some DIY/tie-dyes you made during lockdown, go for Depop. Vestiaire Collective is great for selling pre-loved designer clothes at a price of your choosing, and CSD is perfect for when you have a lot of items and no time to upload them, as the team takes care of the entire listing process for you.



“Take the nicest pictures you can — presentation is everything!” says Marianella Falcon, former Fashion Curator for Vestiaire Collective and Vintage Expert for Intervention Paris. The most important things to focus on are to iron your garment, make sure it is presentable, and use natural light and a white background. A good tip is to take multiple photos to make your clothes stand out — make sure you take at least one photo of the front and back, and close-ups of any details. Finally, make sure there is a combination of photos of you wearing the garment and photos of the garment on a hanger.



“Make sure to take clear pictures of labels, serial numbers, and other brand signatures. Your potential buyer wants to make sure your item is authentic,” says Falcon. This especially applies if you’re selling luxury clothes. Tala Malas, Head of Luxury at CSD, adds, “Be sure to include detailed pictures of any potential damage on items as that affects the valuation of the product. It is so important to be transparent with buyers so that they know what to expect.”



Be very careful when categorizing the product, and be precise when describing it. Your title is the most important factor to make sure your product is found in a search. Buyers are rarely scrolling through second-hand platforms; they are searching for an exact product they are looking for. You need to use the right keywords and add all of the important information that buyers will be looking for like color, brand, size, and features like ‘butterfly’ and ‘flare’. Falcon adds, “Be yourself! Do not hesitate to be precise, kind, and even funny. This makes you stand out from the rest of the sellers.”



As badly as you’ll want to, don’t try to challenge pricing recommendations from the platform. “The closer your price is, the easier it will be to sell. Trust the platform,” says Falcon. Malas adds “The valuation team conducts in-depth research on the current market resale value of your products. Ultimately, we want to put your item in a price range that’s going to sell and that’s going to give you what you deserve for that particular product.”



“Your pieces might be exactly what one of your friends is looking for,” says Malas. “What better way to extend the life cycle of a piece you no longer wear/need than giving it to someone you love!” You might have the perfect buyer among your friends, ready to make a transaction in full confidence and without fees. Falcon adds, “At the end of the day, fashion is about community, and you can create one by exchanging your cool pieces with friends and family!”

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