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The Dos and Don'ts to Making an Effective Vision Board
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by Sarah Haddad 4-minute read January 24, 2024

Visualizing your dream reality.

Have you ever heard the saying 'out of sight, out of mind'? This concept can apply to your goals and dreams — if they're out of sight, they might slip away from your focus. This is where vision boards come in as a powerful tool — they act as a visual reminder of your intentions, dreams, and the path you aspire to follow.

So, how do you ensure that your vision board is effective? 

Below, Savoir Flair has compiled some useful tips to guide you in creating an effective vision board that aligns with all your goals and aspirations.


Preparing Your Vision Board Checklist

Starting with a moment of reflection on your goals is always a good idea. Write down all your aspirations, whether they're related to your career, relationships, personal development, or any other area.

Do: Be Highly Specific
Precision is crucial at this stage. Visualize the best version of yourself: What do they look like? What do they wear? What's their daily routine? What hobbies do they engage in? Asking such questions helps you understand what you truly want to achieve in different areas of your life and how you plan to accomplish these goals.

Don't: Set Unrealistic Expectations
While it's good to dream big, it's important to ground your aspirations in reality. Resist the urge to set unrealistic goals. Instead, aim for targets that are challenging but achievable, which fosters motivation rather than frustration. Unrealistic goals can lead to disappointment and a sense of failure, which is something you want to avoid.

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Gathering Your Images

This is where the fun begins. The power of visuals is unmatched, and selecting them with purpose is essential to creating a board that truly aligns with your aspirations.

Do: Incorporate Lifestyle Imagery
Choose images that reflect the reality you wish to achieve, whether it's a dream workspace, a thriving relationship, or a healthy lifestyle. Use resources like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.

Tip: Consider a celebrity or influencer who embodies the lifestyle you aspire to. Begin by saving images that align with your goals.

Don't: Use Vague or Uninspiring Visuals
Vague images can diminish the impact of your vision board. Avoid generic visuals that don't clearly connect to your goals. Instead, select images that evoke specific emotions and resonate deeply with the essence of your aspirations. Every image should be a source of inspiration. If an image doesn't spark motivation or resonate with your dreams, it might be best to exclude it. Remember, a few powerful, meaningful images can be more impactful than a cluttered array of uninspiring visuals.

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Adding Text (or Not)

To add text, or not to add text? Hint: Both answers are correct!

Vision boards are primarily visual, and the necessity of text really depends on your personal preference. Be cautious though, as too much text can overwhelm your vision board, possibly having the opposite effect of what you intend. If you do opt for text, it's best to keep it succinct and impactful.

Do: Use Affirmative Language
Choose words that affirm and reinforce your belief in achieving your goals. Positive affirmations act as powerful motivators, solidifying your commitment to your aspirations. For example, include affirmations like 'I am creating my dream life,' rather than negative commands like 'stop bed-rotting' (which, let's be honest, might be a line in many of our 2024 New Year's resolutions).

Don't: Feel Obligated to Add Text
Your vision board is a reflection of your personal journey. If adding text feels forced or doesn't suit your style, don't compromise its authenticity. It's completely fine to let the visuals be the star of the show.

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Revisiting and Reinforcing

While it's important to regularly reflect on your vision board, it's equally crucial to avoid the extremes of neglecting it or becoming obsessed with it. Striking a balance is key, allowing you to stay connected to your goals without letting the board consume your thoughts.

Do: Be Flexible and Open to Growth
Adapt and expand your vision as life changes. Your vision board should be a dynamic reflection of your evolving dreams. Embrace changes and treat your board as a canvas for continuous personal growth.

Don't: Neglect or Obsess
If life gets hectic, don't let your vision board gather dust. Even brief moments of reflection can keep you aligned with your goals. At the same time, avoid obsessing over every detail. Trust the journey and let your vision board inspire you over time. It's incredibly fulfilling to look back at your board and realize you've achieved a goal without even consciously focusing on it.

Tip: Remember, your vision board is a source of inspiration, not a trigger for stress or self-critique. Approach it with a balanced perspective, understanding that goal achievement is a gradual and evolving journey.

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