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Introducing Oud Alezan: A Rose and Oud Masterpiece by Hermès
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by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read March 13, 2024

A chance encounter led to this new masterpiece.


Hermès gracefully defies convention and anticipation with its latest olfactory masterpiece, a scent born from a moment of serendipity and the maison's enduring connection to the equestrian world, setting a new standard in the world of luxury fragrances.

Inspired by perfumer Christine Nagel's encounter with the majestic Hermès horse, Scheherazade, the scent marries the robust allure of oud with the tender vibrancy of rose, creating a fragrance that is both powerful and intimate, designed to envelop both men and women in its warm embrace. Its significance is magnified in the Middle Eastern region, promising to become a staple in the art of perfumery. 


Revered for its rich, complex scent and deep spiritual and emotional resonance, oud has been an integral part of Middle Eastern perfumery for centuries, symbolizing hospitality, tradition, and a deep connection to nature. Encased in a plum-brown lacquered bottle with a chalk-colored leather cap, Oud Alezan not only represents the pinnacle of luxury but also embodies Hermès' commitment to sustainability through its refillable design. 


The narrative of Oud Alezan is further enriched through the illustrative genius of Jem Magbanua, whose artwork captures the fragrance’s dual essence — echoing the intertwining of movement with stillness, and the organic with the artificial. Magbanua's illustrations delve into the dynamic relationship between humans and their environments, a theme that resonates deeply with the story behind the fragrance's creation. This collaboration between olfactory and visual art forms invites one to explore the depth of Oud Alezan beyond its scent, offering a holistic experience that encapsulates the ethos of Hermès. With this launch, Hermès continues to redefine the boundaries of luxury, crafting a fragrance that is a testament to innovation, artistry, and the timeless elegance of the house.

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