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Creations of LA Checks in for One Night of Fun with Gucci

by Savoir Flair 3-minute read July 25, 2023

On a whirlwind staycation in Dubai, Creations of LA unpacks more than just style with a mountain of luggage for a single night.

On a staycation in Dubai, Creations of LA checks into a hotel with loads of luggage. How long is he staying for? One night. Relying on Savoir Flair’s signature wit, a different kind of travel story comes to life in this editorial video, highlighting the Gucci Valigeria luggage collection and the 25H watch. The Gucci Valigeria collection stands at the intersection of luxury and utility, and its pieces are highly prized travel companions. The signature collection’s beautifully crafted icons, ranging from capacious travel bags to chic vanity cases, complement LA’s sophisticated yet playful fashion sensibilities. Their handcrafted leather, embroidered with Gucci’s iconic double “G” logo, is both a nod to heritage and a beacon of contemporary high fashion.

But it’s not just the luggage that takes center stage in this humorous editorial. LA also sports the 25H watch, Gucci’s first mechanical watch, which originally debuted in 2021 and has since become a coveted timepiece among fashion and watch enthusiasts alike. The watch’s distinct octagonal silhouette, rendered in lustrous white gold and set with a natural mother-of-pearl dial, projects an air of understated glamour. When he reaches his room, LA’s tower of luggage reveals treasured games inside, underscoring the message that with Gucci Valigeria luggage, fun can travel with you anywhere.

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