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Google's Latest AI Innovation Is Set to Revolutionize Online Shopping Forever
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by Savoir Flair 3-minute read June 18, 2023

Remember Cher Horowitz's virtual outfit picker from Clueless? Fast forward to today, and Google has brought this futuristic concept to life.

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If you've ever watched the iconic movie Clueless, you’ll recall Cher Horowitz’s remarkable virtual outfit picker. While it may have seemed like a figment of the writer's imagination at the time, fast forward to today, and that futuristic concept has become a reality. The intersection of technology and fashion has given birth to a new era where virtual clothing try-ons are no longer confined to the fictional world but have become an exciting part of our own lives.

Last week, Google unveiled its groundbreaking virtual try-on feature that is transforming the online shopping experience. By harnessing the power of generative AI, the tech giant empowers customers to make informed decisions before purchasing clothing items. This innovative technology provides a lifelike visualization of how garments will look on different body types, eliminating uncertainty and frustration. Shoppers can observe how clothing drapes, folds, stretches, and forms wrinkles and shadows on diverse models.

The tech giant is also launching a feature that helps users find similar clothing items in various colors, patterns, and styles from different online stores. This functionality utilizes an AI-powered visual matching algorithm, reinforcing its position as a leading search engine and providing an unparalleled shopping experience.


It is important to note that Google is not the only e-commerce company leveraging generative AI to enhance the shopping experience. Shopify and Instacart also utilize this technology, while Amazon explores AI to summarize customer feedback and eBay introduced an AI tool to aid sellers in product listing descriptions.

Despite any reservations we may have regarding Google Shopping’s recommendations, it is undeniable that this platform holds the potential to bring about positive transformations in the retail and fashion sectors. By promoting diversity, the AI tool has the capacity to inspire retailers to adopt more inclusive practices. While we may not be able to fully visualize ourselves wearing clothes generated by AI just yet, this advancement brings us a step closer to our dream wardrobes.

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