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11 of the Funniest Fashion Accounts to Follow on Instagram
article @HEY_REILLY
by Savoir Flair 4-minute read August 14, 2022

Why so serious? There’s plenty to poke fun at. Especially on Instagram.

article @HEY_REILLY

They say that laughter is the best medicine. In fact, even a quick chuckle is proven to relieve tension, while a down-and-out belly laugh will flood your body with feel-good endorphins. With that in mind, we turn to the fashion industry. While it represents billions of dollars a year in sales and high-octane creative output on a rapidly accelerating scale, it isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to humor. In fact, the fashion industry has often been accused of taking itself too seriously. 

However, let us not forget that fashion, at its core, is an art — and art has many faces, including the visage of humor. Ingenious minds operating in the fashion sphere have elevated the meme-crafting of the industry into an art form; a sport even. Instagram, the platform where fashion and culture coalesce, has emerged as a sanctuary for irreverent, tongue-in-cheek takes on the fashion world. Far from malicious, these accounts offer a lighter, more humorous lens through which we can observe everything from the day-to-day struggles of overworked fashion assistants to the almost comically uniform sameness that plagues the influencer landscape.

When your soul thirsts for a pick-me-up, when you're in dire need of an escape from the unyielding grind of couture shows, runway critiques, and influencer collaborations, we invite you to scroll through these Instagram accounts. Each is a treasure trove that guarantees a momentary respite — served with a sprinkle of satire.

The bottom of the fashion food chain is rife with comedic hot takes. Those who have found themselves struggling to get a foot on the lowest rung of the hierarchical ladder will find solidarity and humor in the @fashionassistants account, which hilariously skewers the ridiculous (but very real) hardships that often come with being a fashion intern.

If most of your screen time is dedicated to Instagram, you're probably seeing the world through the lens of influencers, but what happens when you zoom out of that heavily edited and filtered perspective? Enter: @influencersinthewild. We are all guilty of 'doing it for the gram', and this account focuses solely on the hilarity of what goes on – failed attempts included – behind getting the perfect shot.

Being a stylist in the cutthroat fashion industry can be a thankless task. Fortunately, pages like @stressedstylist provide a comical take on set life, and the daily struggles of the perpetually stressed-out fashion stylist, from grappling with full-look policies to chasing payments. In the words of one of their memes, "We laugh so we don't cry".

Fashion month is undeniably the crown jewel of the trillion-dollar apparel industry. Whether you're a privileged or not-so-privileged second-row attendee of the glamorous blur that Fashion Month is, @fashionweekfrog provides an accurate yet hilarious account of what it's like to hop between shows at Fashion Week. As they say, "If you know, you know."

@Hey_reilly is the digital mastermind behind some of the Internet's funniest fashion and pop culture memes. Created by superimposing images combined with witty captions, every post seems calibrated for virality. The anonymous genius behind this account reached such stratospheric heights as a meme creator, that he/she managed to bag collaborations with the likes of Fendi and Marc Jacobs.

Do you have difficulty differentiating one influencer from another? In this day and age, we could hardly blame you. Content produced by influencers often overlaps. Whether it's intentional or not is something of a mystery. @Shitbloggerspost has been integral in hunting those homogenized posts, and lightly skewering them by placing them side-by-side. Why are so many influencers posing identically? Wearing the exact same outfits? Standing in front of the same wavy mirror? We don't know, but we do know that it's worth your time to check this hilarious account out.

@Miss_pr_piggy gives us a glimpse into the fashion industry through the lens of a public relations executive. This niche meme page highlights the co-dependent relationship between PR executives and editors, and the comical situations that unintentionally arise when you communicate for a living.

Every aspect of the fashion industry comes with struggles of its own, and art directors are no exception. Born out of the need for a healthy and relatable way to vent professional frustrations, @dankartdirectormemes are sure to give you a good laugh if you've ever been on set for a fashion shoot.

@Freddiemade is the brainchild of art director Freddie Smithson, whose witty Photoshop images are as funny as they are weird. Smithson superimposes the heads of celebrities and political figures on ensembles you'd never find them wearing in real life. Head to @freddiemade to find out how the Queen would look dressed in a Vetements outfit or how Meryl Streep would present herself if she suddenly became a Hypebeast.

"Be a model," they said. "It will be fun," they said. 

Modeling appears to be one of life's most glamorous jobs, but anyone who has worked in the industry will tell you it's anything but easy. @Shitmodelmgmt provides a hilarious and unfiltered account of the unglamorous and struggle-filled life of a model trying to make it in the fashion world.

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