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Fendi and BLESS Merge Worlds in a Stunning Display at Design Miami
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by Savoir Flair 2-minute read December 5, 2023

BLESS reworks Fendi’s classics for Design Miami 2023.

article FENDI

Design Miami 2023 is currently witnessing a remarkable reimagination of the fashion and design world, featuring a collaboration between BLESS, a transdisciplinary design studio, and the iconic Italian fashion house Fendi. Their partnership, known as ‘Backfrontal’, presents an immersive installation that brings viewers behind the scenes at Fendi. Running from December 6 to 10, this event is showcasing a groundbreaking blend of art, fashion, and design, highlighting the unique talents of both BLESS and Fendi.


Central to this collaboration is the ingenious reinterpretation of Fendi’s classic Peekaboo bag, which has been transformed into a shipping parcel, symbolizing the innovative spirit of both brands. This transformation is more than a design achievement; it reflects the intricate artisanal craftsmanship involved. The ‘Backfrontal’ installation utilizes photographic trickery to craft a two-dimensional illusion of Fendi’s Milanese headquarters, offering an inside-out perspective of the brand. This collaboration underlines the shared ambition of BLESS and Fendi to delve into each other's core values and philosophies, marking a pivotal chapter in BLESS’ nearly 30-year history.


The Design Miami installation features double-sided paravents in a U-shape, providing a multifaceted exploration of Fendi’s essence. These paravents are not merely artistic displays; they also integrate functional elements like seating and storage, creating an interactive experience for visitors. The project engages in a thoughtful discussion on the use of fur and leather in fashion, showcasing Fendi's fur expertise alongside BLESS's commitment to environmental responsibility and style. ‘Backfrontal’ is offering attendees direct engagement with Fendi's heritage and the passion that has driven the company, making it a highlight at Design Miami 2023.


‘Backfrontal’ will be on show at Design Miami from 6 to 10 December 2023.

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