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A Test Drive of the Porsche Taycan 4s Proves Electric Sports Cars Are the Future
by Savoir Flair 3-minute read January 26, 2022

We have already decided on our new ride-or-die.

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On an iconic road trip through the mountainous Dubai-Khor Fakkan road, Porsche took an exclusive roster of guests for the ride of their lives – and Savoir Flair was fortunate enough to be among them. We were granted a first-hand experience of the German marque’s latest Taycan and Panamera models. However, the emphasis of the test drive was on the driver, the passenger, and the freedom of the open road no matter what terrain they traversed.

We always knew that Porsche's craftsmanship, mechanics, and technologies were premium, however, it wasn’t until we got behind the wheels of its cars that we were able to discover exactly what separates them from the other manufacturers. 

Since Porsche primarily builds high-end sports cars – even if it dabbles once in a while in sporty SUVs – it invests its money in engineering and performance. This is why it excels around the track, has enviable drivability, and has high standards for safety. However, Porsche also purchases higher quality materials for the inside of the cockpit, which gives the driver an upgraded sense of comfort when behind the wheel and in the passenger seat.

A Porsche is instantly identifiable by its sleek silhouette, but what it has not been recognized for until recently is its commitment to the environment. This is changing with the new Taycan 4S, a sexy, electric sports car that doesn't negatively impact the robust feel of the drive – or the environment, for that matter – and Porsche's plug-in hybrid Panamera.

The Taycan 4S can travel on its Performance battery for up to 407 km, and with the Performance Plus battery, it can travel 463 km – the highest value in the entire Taycan range. Plus, the aerodynamic design of this third iteration of the Taycan also contributes to lower energy consumption as well as the sporty handling of the car. The Panamera, on the other hand, always starts in electric mode and will drive without emissions within a range of 50 km – if driven under 140 km. It also can go from 0-100 km in an impressive 4.6 seconds. That's a lot of get-up-and-go for an electric vehicle.


Through different extremes of winding roads, steep hills, and straightaways, we tested the four-door, Panamera saloon and the two-door, Taycan 4S coupe. While both cars exceeded our expectations in performance, balance, luxury, comfort, and more, we confess that the Taycan 4S slotted itself onto our favorites list. It's the perfect balance of sleek and sporty, rough and elegant, and it spoke a language of different extremes that we immediately understood. 

Once inside the coupe, its welcoming shade of red immediately gave us a unique sense of power, one that comes when sitting behind the wheel of a Porsche, even as the soft, supple leather of the logo-inscribed seats created a sense of luxury and comfort. With our hands on the steering wheel, we felt right. We felt in control.

The Taycan 4S is indeed a future-forward vehicle, and knowing there was no burning of fuel and combustion we couldn't help but feel we were doing the right thing by contributing positively to the environment. By the time we finally drove up to the Address Beach Resort Fujairah, we had already decided on our new ride-or-die.

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