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Unveiling Layers of Artistry: In Conversation With Rami Al Ali
by Mimi Droeshout 4-minute read October 30, 2023

A collection that blends intricate craftsmanship with the poetic nuances of Floral Radiography.

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It isn't every day that the worlds of fashion and fine art converge to produce something so eye-catching. Yet, Syrian-born designer Rami Al Ali, recently named to the BoF 500 List, accomplishes just that with his Spring/Summer 2024 ready-to-wear collection. Inspired by the entrancing universe of Floral Radiography envisioned by Steven Meyer, Al Ali's new line is a 30-piece narrative where garments become canvases. 

The designer's aspiration was to transform the philosophical and aesthetic depth of Floral Radiography, echoing the work of Meyer, whose talent in capturing nature's inner beauty inspired Al Ali to convey profound themes through wearable art. Floral Radiography is done with the use of a special X-ray, as most modern diagnostic X-ray equipment is much too powerful to capture the delicate details of flowers. This involved not only appreciating aesthetics, but also delving into the philosophy and science behind Floral Radiography. “The creative journey involved the rewarding task of translating these profound themes into a narrative that transcends surface beauty," Al Ali reveals to Savoir Flair. "The aim was to weave a story of introspection, growth, and transformation through the collection, creating a harmonious fusion of art and fashion.”

Al Ali's collections, lauded for his meticulous attention to detail, likely derive from his start in the visual arts. His creative background profoundly influences his approach to design, particularly in achieving the attention to detail evident in every collection. Drawing from this philosophy, the priority lies in precision and aesthetics, in turn considering each element as integral to the overall narrative. “My commitment to craftsmanship, seen in the choice of fabrics and intricate details, reflects my early training's artistic values. Each piece in the collection is a unique blend of artistic vision and meticulous execution, transforming garments into wearable art.” 

As the Rami Al Ali brand continues to grow, so too does its identity, notably seen in his choice of fabrics which from delicate tulle to Mikado silks. For instance, the delicate tulle reflects a commitment to timeless elegance, while Mikado silks are incorporated to add a contemporary, opulent touch that showcases the ability to blend classic and modern elements. The pastel and metallic color palettes in the collection were chosen to embody the theme of 'hidden beauty within.' Pastels represent the delicate aspects of nature, symbolizing outward beauty and concealing profound complexities. Metallics add glamour, symbolizing the transformative quality of hidden beauty, akin to precious metals shining brightly when revealed. “This deliberate color scheme visually narrates the interplay between surface allure and profound depths, encapsulating the collection's central motif, while a rich tapestry of materials highlights our versatility, appealing to a diverse audience and positioning the brand as a custodian of tradition and a trendsetter in contemporary fashion,” Al Ali continues.

Al Ali's passion and commitment for the next generation of young designers is evident through his active engagement in mentorship and support programs. Recent recognitions, most notably being the first Syrian-born designer on the BoF 500 List, enable him to further expand his knowledge and name, to people all around the world. His involvement with the Esmod Fashion Institute in Dubai and the Ard Dyar initiative all point directly to mentorship being an integral part of his work ethos. Sharing industry insights at Esmod to guide and inspire fashion students helps bridge the gap between education and real-world perspective. His part in these programs and initiatives promotes the growth of the fashion industry in Dubai, all while advocating for sustainability. “Through the Ard Dyar initiative, a philanthropic effort, I empower the next generation through training and employment opportunities emphasizing the transformative power of fashion for a positive social change.” These collective endeavors underscore his commitment to a myriad of things from mentorship and education to social responsibility and industry growth. With an overarching goal of shaping the future of the fashion industry along with a fervent passion for mentoring young creatives, Al Ali's commitment to sculpting the fashion industry's future stands as a resounding testament to his vision. 


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