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Savoir Flair’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Evening Brunches in Dubai
by Savoir Flair 2-minute read November 27, 2023

It’s time to flip your day upside-down and go for an evening brunch.

Yes, we are aware that ‘brunch’ is a portmanteau of ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’ to refer to a midday meal that stretches in between them. But this is Dubai — we've never been ones for strict definitions. Fancy some brunch vibes under the stars? Eager to add a twist to that usual dinner lineup? Let's break some mealtime norms and redefine what "brunch" means in the heart of the desert. Slide into the evening brunch scene with our top picks of the best nighttime brunch spots in the city.

And hey, always come back for seconds. If we discover another dynamite spot, it's getting added right here.


Address Fountain Views

Dubai's brunch scene is a wild ride, but Address Fountain Views is throwing a curveball – a Twilight Brunch that doesn’t require earplugs or a pre-brunch pep talk. Yep, this evening affair skips the raucous vibes for something more wholesome and family-approved. Situated in Downtown, with that "is-this-even-real?" view of the Burj Khalifa and infinity pool, the backdrop is as photogenic as the spread is munchable. This brunch claims to have the widest food selection around and, honestly, with options ranging from oysters to roasted tomahawk, we’re inclined to believe them. Oh, and the dessert? It's the stuff sweet dreams are literally made of. So, whether you’re looking to impress the in-laws or just eat your weight in gourmet grub, this brunch is a game-changer.

Address Fountain Views
Price: AED285 Soft / AED385 House
+971 4 245 8888
The Restaurant

Aura Skypool

Ever thought of brunching high above Dubai with a side of skyline views? Aura Skypool’s ‘Night Brunch in the Lounge’ is basically the brunch equivalent of that summer blockbuster everyone's raving about. Perched on the 50th floor of The Palm Tower, it’s not just about snapping that perfect infinity pool shot for the 'gram. The three-course Pan-Asian feast has killer chicken satay, BBQ short rib that you'll daydream about, and this ‘Gochujang Cauliflower Popcorn’ thing that’s straight-up addictive. Oh, and they’ve got a fire dancer (casual) and a DJ spinning tracks to ensure that brunch buzz isn’t just from the unlimited drinks.

The Palm Tower, Palm Jumeirah
Price: AED 480 / add AED 240 for premium package
+971 04 566 2121
Aura Skypool

article @COYADUBAI

Chanca by COYA

Kick off your weekends at chanca Evening Brunch, every Thursday over at chanca by COYA. We're talking a Peruvian food fest that'll have your taste buds doing the salsa. Expect a menu stacked with treats like those charred padron peppers and oscietra caviar tacos that scream “take a pic for the 'gram." But that’s not where the story ends: amp up your meal with some Gillardeau No.2 Oysters or go all out with Siberian oscietra caviar because, why not? Cap it off with COYA's infamous orange and lime churros or that Taco Dulce that’s basically dessert goals. Once you're fueled up and feelin' good, let COYA MUSIC's DJs lead you straight to the dance floor. In short? It's the brunch bash Dubai's been waiting for.

Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach
Price: AED489 House/AED689 Premium
+971 4 316 9600
Chanca by Coya



Hutong is flipping the script on your typical brunch vibes with their ‘Dark Brunch’ every Thursday night. Don’t let the name fool you; the only thing dark about this soirée is the sky outside. This party is lit. It’s the kind of place where LED dancers light up the floor, the beats drop courtesy of a live percussionist and DJ, and you're encouraged to dance like no one's watching (because they're probably on their third dimsum plate). The food? Think bottomless starters, house faves like Braised Japanese Wagyu Beef and Smoked Sea Bass that will have you coming back. And the grand finale is a dessert platter so lavish, it might just upstage the entire night. All in all, Hutong is setting the stage for the brunch stories you'll tell (or not) on Friday morning.

Gate Building 6, DIFC
Price: AED 288 Soft / AED 388 House / AED 488 Cocktails / AED 648 Premium and Bubbles
+971 04 220 0868



Set against the iconic backdrop of the Burj Khalifa — casually photobombing your Insta story — Nazcaa is the Downtown spot you didn't know you needed. This isn’t your basic avocado toast situation. We're diving deep into a Peruvian-Japanese fusion that sounds confusing on paper but is sheer genius on a plate. From sushi rolls that have had a South American makeover to ceviches with a yuzu twist, this menu has passport stamps from two continents. But Nazcaa doesn’t stop at killer views and world-class dishes. They’ve dialed up the ambiance with live Latin flair courtesy of the Good Vibes Duet. Expect acoustic bangers with a blend of Latin hits and those tunes you pretend you don't know the words to (but totally do). TL;DR: Nazcaa is serving up Saturday evening goals. It’s got the views, the tunes, and a culinary experience that'll make you rethink everything you knew about brunch. Swing by and get ready for a flavor trip. Bragging rights guaranteed.

Address Fountain Views
Price: AED 249 Soft / AED 349 House / AED 449 Premium
+971 4 542 4200



Friday nights at OĀNJO are about to become your new date-night ritual. Tucked away on the 24th floor of Sheraton Mall of the Emirates, this spot is changing the evening brunch game with its “romantic, not rowdy” vibe and unlimited sushi menu. Think less “party till you drop,” more “swoon-worthy saxophone serenades.” Swap out the DJ decks for a saxophonist adding a sultry soundtrack to your sushi soirée. And let’s talk about the setting — with views that could make the entire Dubai skyline blush and an ambiance dripping in Portuguese-Japanese fusion, OĀNJO is the kind of place where love stories are set.

As for the sushi, it's a roll call of your dreams — you can opt for Dynamite rolls with tempura prawns, avocado, and dynamite Sauce, or the Wagyu Kunsei, a decadent mix of wagyu, crab, and smoked aioli. The Kabayaki is another star, featuring unagi, cucumber, crab, and tare sauce. Plus, there’s a parade of classic rolls and sushi favorites to keep your taste buds in a state of bliss all evening long.

Sheraton Mall of the Emirates
Price: AED125 / AED100 for selected drinks
+971 (0)4 3772356

article @SOLADUBAI

Sola Jazz Lounge

Sola Jazz Lounge isn’t just one of Dubai's top jazz bars – it’s a Saturday night scene where your taste buds take a whirlwind tour from Asia to the Mediterranean, all while the Andrea Florez Trio sets the mood with some Post-Modern Jukebox tunes. And hey, if you're in the mood to pair that spicy tuna tartare with a side of Sinatra or some soulful Motown, they've got Ciaran Fox on Tuesdays and De Cruz Band on Fridays. Elevate the evening further with their refined cigar selection. Consider all your senses officially invited.

Raffles The Palm
Price: AED 449
+971 (0)4 248 8888
Sola Jazz Lounge


Weslodge Saloon

At Weslodge Saloon, Saturday nights redefine brunching, and we're not talking scrambled eggs and toast. Think North American flair stretched over three mouth-watering courses, cocktails crafted for the connoisseurs, and a DJ laying down R&B and old-school hip-hop tracks that’ll get you in the groove. Oh, and if you're looking to sparkle a bit more, there’s a ‘glitter up’ vanity makeup desk. But the real party MVP? The Bad Bunnies brunch mascot — it’s all kinds of iconic. And because we believe the night's still young at 10 PM, there’s an afterparty at BTYD that’s just waiting to be discovered. One more thing: snag a window seat. Trust us, the Dubai skyline looks even better with a full belly.

JW Marriot Marqius Tower B
Price: AED 295 Soft / AED 395 House / AED 445 sparkling
+971 (0)4 350 9288
Weslodge Saloon

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