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Empowering Scents: The Story Behind Good Girl Blush
by Mimi Droeshout 4-minute read January 10, 2024

Carolina A. Herrera's latest venture presents a refreshing narrative of fragrance creation, ethical sourcing, and empowerment in an industry where the scent is often more talked about than its origin.


Since its inception in 2016, Good Girl has captivated the world with its alluring scent, masterfully crafted by Louise Turner and Quentin Bisch. The fragrance, emblematic of modern femininity, intertwines luxury with a sense of responsibility. The recent Good Girl Expedition, born from the launch of the latest creation, Good Girl Blush, took Herrera and her team to the lush landscapes of Madagascar and the Comoros Islands. Here, the core ingredients of vanilla and ylang-ylang – essential components of the Good Girl fragrance line – are ethically sourced.  It was this ethos that propelled Herrera and Bisch, accompanied by Laetitia Vuillemont of the Givaudan Foundation, on an enlightening journey to the origins of its key ingredients. “It’s a very natural and real way to spread the core Good Girl message of empowerment across the board, from the ingredients to the final product," Carolina A. Herrera shared in an exclusive interview with Savoir Flair.


The expedition highlighted more than just fragrance creation, shedding light on the pivotal role of the women-led communities that are crucial in crafting and sourcing the ingredients that go into these luxury scents. The Givaudan Foundation and Carolina Herrera are committed to nurturing the entrepreneurial skills of these women and supporting their businesses beyond the farming seasons. This includes educational initiatives and clean water projects, ensuring sustainability and growth for future generations. For example, by helping with literacy and calculation, local women have opened bakeries, and this additional revenue allows them to continue their generation-old picking tradition, which in turn grants Carolina Herrera Beauty the use of their valuable ingredients. 

“It was an incredible opportunity to make a real connection with the other end of the production process, meeting the skilled women who work with the ingredients at their source. It was fascinating to realize that despite our different backgrounds, we share a similar passion for fragrance and for the quality of the plants that go into them," Herrera shared.


In Madagascar, Herrera met with a team of women skilled in the traditional art of germinating vanilla beans from orchids – a meticulous process that spans eight months. These women, embodying resilience and skill, form the backbone of the vanilla scent that defines Good Girl Blush.

At the heart of Good Girl Blush is a tonal exploration of the multiple layers of one of the boldest ingredients in perfumery: ylang-ylang. The journey led Herrera to the Comoros Islands, home to the delicate flowers. Here, a group of women carefully handpick and wrap the fragile blossoms, ensuring their immediate transport to the distillery. Their expert handling and traditional distillation techniques culminate in the extraction of the ylang-ylang essential oil found at the heart of Good Girl Blush. “We witnessed first-hand how they are picked, hiking into the hills at dawn when it’s at its freshest and seeing women using expertise passed down the generations.” 


For Carolina A. Herrera, Good Girl represents empowerment – a feeling that resonates with both the fearless women who nurture its ingredients and the confident individuals who wear it. A story of ethical sourcing, community support, and the spirit of modern women worldwide, the Good Girl Blush fragrance demonstrates how beauty and responsibility can coexist, enriching not only the fragrance but the lives it touches. “We help in any way we can, but they also supply us with the finest product we can find, which is the only way we can continue our tireless quest for sophisticated beauty," Herrera concluded.

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