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Dyson Launches Its Latest Haircare Innovation in the Beauty Capital of the World
article DYSON
by Grace Gordon 5-minute read March 25, 2024

The future of hair and scalp care is here.

article DYSON

To say that South Korea is obsessed with beauty is an understatement. Not only is it the plastic surgery capital of the world, where roughly one in three women will elect to get surgery (not merely on an aesthetic basis but also because it is a widely acknowledged strategy for gaining an edge in a highly competitive job market), but it’s also a place where advanced skin, scalp, hair, and body care treatments are birthed. Produced by some of the best labs in the world, Korean skincare has become one of the most trusted beauty categories on the market, and pioneering biomedical advancements in the country have brought things like Fraxel laser treatments and medical scalp treatments that address hair loss and hair health to the outside world. The latter is a fast-growing category that receives huge investments from both the government and private sectors.

It’s only when being there that the hype around South Korea’s buzzing beauty industry really starts to make sense. I landed in Seoul last week on a press trip with Dyson, the pioneering appliances company founded by Sir James Dyson in 1991, where it would be launching an exciting new addition to its iconic Supersonic range. Zipping through Seoul's busy streets, I was struck by the sheer volume of spas, clinics, and shops devoted to upholding South Korea’s strident beauty standards. No matter what district you ventured into, you were spoiled for choice. The citizens of Seoul were like walking billboards for the excesses of the beauty industry; they all had lush, loose hair flowing down their backs, glowing skin, and wore chic, minimalist ensembles. A hyperreal depiction of an unceasing quest for self-advancement. Korean perfection, it seems, is a competition.


It was Sir Dyson himself who validated this point when he elucidated the reason for the Seoul-based launch of the new Dyson Supersonic Nural hairdryer, saying, “I think Seoul is becoming the beauty capital of the world... They are the most discerning. They spend more on it and care more about it than anyone else in the world.” Basically, if you want to garner global notice for a beauty product launch, there’s no better place to do it than in South Korea. 

Therefore, it was in a hushed room inside XYZ Seoul that Sir Dyson took the stage to introduce the dramatic improvements his team of engineers and designers had made to the Supersonic hairdryer. First, it's now imbued with a time-of-flight sensor that senses how close the dryer is to your scalp and automatically lowers the temperature to 55 degrees to prevent it from burning or drying out your scalp. Moisture retention is key to scalp health. 

Only recently entering the global beauty lexicon as a direct link to the overall health of your hair, 'scalp health' is a growing concern for people around the world. In the post-COVID world, hair loss is growing at an alarming rate due to a variety of factors: stress, environmental pollutants, poor nutrition, hard water, and more. These factors impact the scalp first, leading to clogged hair follicles, poor circulation, and inflammation, which all contribute to increased hair fall. By taking this into account with the Supersonic Nural, Dyson is aiming its dryer at the proverbial root of the problem. While you’ll be able to feel the difference in temperature, it’s also made obvious by Capsule Illumination, which changes color to indicate the heat setting.


From ensuring that you’re not blasting your scalp with excess heat, the Supersonic Nural then focuses on a few elements that are so intuitive to the user experience that you wouldn’t realize they were there unless they were pointed out to you. The first is the attachment learning function, which means you don’t have to mess with the settings every time you use it. The learning function remembers your preferred settings and automatically switches to them when you change attachments. The launch also introduced new attachments, including the Wave+Curl Diffuser, designed to cater to a variety of hair patterns and styles. This attachment, along with others like the Gentle Air attachment and Styling Concentrator, showcases Dyson's commitment to versatility and personalized hair care. While the Supersonic Nural boasts these new attachments, it is also compatible with several of your existing Dyson attachments. 

Personally, I loved the Pause Detect function, which utilizes a motion-sensing accelerometer to pause the device automatically during styling breaks. If you’re wielding multiple tools at once or need to switch hands, you don’t have to turn the dryer off. Simply set it on any surface and it will pause itself. Ingenious! 


The beauty of the Supersonic Nural is that so much is done for you that the process of using it couldn’t be simpler or easier to understand. No instruction manual needed. It was especially important to Sir Dyson that the lofty technical innovations of the hairdryer not get in the way of the actual user experience. "It’s impossible to talk about all of the things that are in the product… there’s a huge amount of technology, engineering, and features in the product that we don’t talk about because it’s too confusing,” he shared. “It’s our job to make sure that our products work well. [Consumers] don’t need to understand there’s an accelerometer in it or a time-of-flight device. Increasingly, our products are getting more and more complex. The important thing is that [consumers] learn to trust us that [our products] are looking after them, giving them the best style, and not damaging them in any way.”

In fact, this incredibly intuitive design philosophy has a name. “I call it semi-autic design,” Sir Dyson shared. “That’s what all design should be like. It should be natural. You just pick it up and use it.”

The Supersonic Nural will be available in new, bold color palettes such as Ceramic Patina and Topaz or Vinca Blue and Topaz. Set to be available in the UAE from August 2024, the product will be priced at AED 1,899, with availability in other regions to follow.

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