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Introducing Dyson’s Ceramic Pop Collection, the Colorful Future of Hair Styling

by Savoir Flair 2-minute read December 22, 2023

Out with the old and in with the bold. Dyson is set to transform your hair routine from predictable to spectacular.


In the dynamic beauty industry, Dyson’s Ceramic Pop collection marks a significant shift in hair styling tools. Known for its innovative technology, Dyson infuses its products with a burst of color and style, as demonstrated in Savoir Flair’s recent editorial video. This short film goes beyond simple product display, offering a hands-on tutorial for three stylish hairstyles. It highlights the collection’s versatility in creating everything from sleek, polished looks to playful curls, focusing on ease of use and protection from heat damage.

As Dyson continues to redefine the landscape of haircare technology and artistry, the Ceramic Pop collection steps away from traditional metallic tones, introducing a playful palette of Blush Pink, Mandarin, and Verdigris. This range not only pays homage to the iconic Dyson G-Force launch in Japan but also showcases a sophisticated satin paint finish for a ceramic-like touch.


Beyond the hair tools themselves, the Ceramic Pop allure extends to its presentation case and accessories, including the new Flyaway Smoother for the Supersonic. This innovative attachment combines the functionality of the Supersonic’s Flyaway attachment with the Airwrap’s smoothing brush, emphasizing Dyson’s commitment to healthy hair styling. With intelligent heat control and the Coanda effect, Dyson’s latest offerings continue to merge elegance with practicality, ensuring healthy hair always remains in style.

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