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Dior’s Dreamy Rose des Vents Collection Makes a Surreal Debut

by Grace Gordon 3-minute read April 29, 2024

The stuff dreams are made of.


One of the world’s most influential psychologists, Carl Jung, once wrote in his seminal work Man and His Symbols, "We should understand that dream symbols are for the most part manifestations of a psyche that is beyond the control of the conscious mind.” These symbols, or representative messages from our unconscious, have come to inform both how we learn about ourselves through dreams and a whole realm of spiritual practices.

Dior’s house founder, Christian Dior, was always tethered to the spiritual side of life. His belief system and superstitions led to the very creation of the house. As legend has it, the star symbol he found on the ground the day he decided to launch his own fashion house was the good luck charm that pointed him to his destiny. The eight-point star has evolved into one of the maison’s most iconic symbols of luck and good fortune, now serving as the centerpiece to Dior’s extraordinary Rose des Vents collection, interpreted by Dior Fine Jewelry Creator Victoire de Castellane.

Stepping into the realm of the divine and sacred, Savoir Flair’s editorial video captures the feeling of being in a dream, where surreality trumps reality. As Jung so astutely pointed out, symbols, like the kind that ruled Dior’s world, are the language of dreams. Taking the symbology of the Rose des Vents collection, we blended this with juxtaposing dream scenarios where symbols like golden stars and candlelight create a vivid and surreal mood. In doing so, we pay tribute to the deeper meaning behind the collection while capturing the purity of its beauty from prismatic angles.

Discover the latest from Dior Rose des Vents both in-store and online at Dior.ae.

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