The New La D My Dior Watch Embodies the Spirit of Dior’s Elegance and Timelessness | Savoir Flair

The New La D My Dior Watch Embodies the Spirit of Dior’s Elegance and Timelessness

by Savoir Flair 3-minute read March 15, 2023

Dior's La D My Dior timepiece elegantly marries Victoire de Castellane's vision with intricate detailing, emerging as an emblem of timeless femininity and sophistication.


The physical manifestation of Victoire de Castellane’s creative vision, the Dior La D de Dior timepiece, with its sleek silhouette, is an ode to femininity. Debuted in 2003, the Dior La D de Dior watch has undergone many updates as it evolved into a celebrated piece of the house. 20 years later, the new Dior La D My Dior watch maintains the sophistication of de Castellane’s original creation. Echoing the elegant design and graceful curves of the premiere timepiece that inspired it, the new La D My Dior watch has earned itself the title of “a ribbon that tells the time.”

Adorned with the house’s signature cannage pattern, the sleek band on the watch features an interesting interplay of hand-engraved geometric lines. The circumference of the dial is sprinkled with scintillating diamonds or a bezel embossed with the Satine motif. A testimony to the Maison’s master horologists, the true beauty of the Dior La D My Dior watch lies in the intricate detailing.

Inspired by the meticulous detailing on the watch band, Savoir Flair captured the essence of the Dior La D My Dior watch in a mesmerizing video. Shot inside the ME Hotel in Dubai, the stunning architecture of the property echoes the clean, geometric lines engraved on the narrow strap of the watch. In the video, the model can be seen posing with the Dior La D My Dior wrapped around her wrist as she switches between several outfits. Adding a touch of elegance to every ensemble, the Dior La D My Dior watch is an accessory that fits seamlessly into every kind of wardrobe.

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