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Colored Diamonds Tempt the Middle East Client at Christie's Dazzling Exhibition
by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read January 12, 2024

Who needs a rainbow when you've got Christie's exhibition The Allure of Colored Diamonds lighting up Dubai. 


Emerging as treasured marvels, particularly in the UAE, the allure of colored diamonds has captured the hearts of connoisseurs and collectors alike.  Christie's, a name synonymous with the zenith of auctioneering and curation, has brought this fascination to the forefront with The Allure of Coloured Diamonds, an exhibition hosted in Dubai's DIFC in collaboration with A2Z, a Bahraini-based art and luxury advisory service. 

At the helm of this venture is Christie's International Head of Private Sales, Jewels, Julien Vincent-Brunie, whose expertise in the field lends an insightful perspective on the evolving search for and enduring appeal of colored diamonds. The rarity and inherent beauty of these stones, each a natural wonder formed deep within the earth's crust, is what makes these colored diamonds so captivating. 

From their historical significance in royal and state jewels to the technical intricacies of their grading, each diamond tells a story of time, pressure, and chance. Vincent-Brunie underscores the importance of choosing jewelry that speaks to one’s individuality, saying, "Our Middle East clients are extremely discerning – they understand the allure of these precious stones and the rarity along with the sheer beauty of the stones themselves. They are not afraid to wear colored diamonds for the day and are extremely glamorous and fashion-forward in their own style.  Accessorizing with jewels is an extension of their personality." Each piece, rich in history and uniqueness, fosters a deep sense of connection for its wearer.


Among its treasures, the Sabbadini Emerald and Diamond set features pear-shaped cabochon Colombian emeralds, which are paired with sparkling diamonds to create a breathtaking ensemble. Equally captivating are the De Grisogono Orange Sapphire and Black Enamel Earrings, where the fiery glow of circular-cut orange sapphires is contrasted with the depth of black enamel. Perhaps the most awe-inspiring of all is the Stunning Diamond Flower Brooch, a stylized creation featuring pavé-set Fancy Pink diamond leaves and a cluster of brilliant-cut, pear, and marquise-shaped diamonds, totaling a staggering 63.66 carats.


The exhibition brings the kaleidoscope world of colored diamonds to life, from deep blues reminiscent of the ocean's depths to fiery reds and soft pinks; each hue is a chapter in the Earth's geological saga, brought to the surface for admiration and awe. Christie's and A2Z's collaboration in bringing this exhibition to the Middle East highlights the region's growing interest in these natural wonders and celebrates the enduring bond between nature's artistry and human craftsmanship. 

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