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For the First Time, Charlotte Tilbury Ventures Into the World of Fragrances
by Grace Gordon 5-minute read May 3, 2024

Explore Savoir Flair's interview with beauty mogul Charlotte Tilbury, who is transitioning from the world of makeup to fragrances.


For 11 years, makeup artist and beauty mogul Charlotte Tilbury has been at the forefront of the luxury makeup and skincare industry, constantly innovating new formulas that become overnight bestsellers and creating some of the most beloved products and shades in the industry. I know I personally can’t live without all of the Pillow Talk range, her Hollywood Flawless Filter Glow Booster, her Setting Spray, and so much more. The one realm she had never ventured into before was fragrance, but that’s because the universe was too busy aligning all of the stars for her auspicious launch.

Tilbury remembers walking around the hippy markets of Ibiza and being “entranced by the enchanting aromas of patchouli and frankincense.” These powerful smells made her feel a sense of freedom and empowerment, which got her wondering, “Why does this smell makes me feel the way it does? How does it have the power to feel so TRANSFORMATIONAL?”


With the arrival of the Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection of Emotions, she set out to prove something that many thought was impossible: that fragrance can elicit emotion. This disruptive notion says that with the right olfactory combinations, a fragrance can make you feel something: happiness, passion, energy, or love. “I really wanted to do this like 10 years ago, but the technology wasn't there,” Tilbury shares in an exclusive interview with Savoir Flair

She didn’t want to just go off of a hunch; she wanted to create a scientifically backed collection, supported by data, but as is the case with all good innovations, it takes the right kind of timing to accomplish. In this sense, Tilbury was ahead of her time. She knew what she wanted to prove, but had to wait for the technology to catch up. And, that’s where the world-renowned International Flavors & Fragrance (IFF) perfumery house comes in.

For over 40 years, the IFF’s scent science specialists had been collecting data that linked scent to emotion, but it hadn’t yet been collated. “The study gathered five billion data points, and no one had ever used it,” Tilbury says. “No one had ever gone out and said, ‘I am going to bottle an emotion; I'm going to give you a library of emotions like books.’”

The IFF’s data, which scientifically measured how fragrance notes impacted thousands of people worldwide, came from two main studies. The first study was 'Unconscious' and investigated how humans respond to specific scents, while the second study was 'Conscious', and was conclusive of how certain scents made people feel. After gathering the five billion data points, they were entered into the IFF SCENTCUBE™ ALGORITHM, a proprietary AI tool that proffers innovative ingredient combinations known to enhance certain emotions. “It creates a specific palette of ingredients so they can compose with it,” Dr. Céline Manetta, PHD, Senior Consumer Science Manager at IFF shares. It proved something that Tilbury had suspected all along — that scent not only binds to memory; it can actually elicit certain emotions.






But if you think that’s where Tilbury’s fragrance innovation begins and ends, you would be sorely mistaken. From being able to identify the palette of ingredients that create emotive compositions, Tilbury tapped some of the best noses in the world to begin crafting the actual fragrances themselves. Anne Flipo, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, and Dominique Ropio — or the “Oscars of fragrances,” as Tilbury describes them to us — joined forces to craft six fragrances that drilled down on six specific emotions: love, energy, serenity, seduction, empowerment, and happiness. “For each fragrance, we were inspired by Charlotte herself; she had a very precise vision in mind regarding this new collection. It was all about emotional connections and creating fragrances to enhance feelings with a touch of magic,” IFF’s Master Perfumer Anne Flipo shared in a statement to the press.

The practical magic behind Charlotte Tilbury’s Collection of Emotions stems from the fusion of her vision's empowering direction, the IFF SCENTCUBE™ ALGORITHM, and the distinguished skill of its team of expert noses. These aspects are further enhanced by color theory, mantras, numerology, an in-app Fragrance Profiler, and more immersive elements.


The boldly colored bottles of fragrance create a strong visual impact that is perfectly harmonized with the scent inside. “The colors, the symbols, the shapes, and the design of the bottle were curated and intentionally integrated into this collection to make you feel a certain way,” Tilbury says. “Color theory is neuroscience. It's multi-sensory magic that helps everyone everywhere manifest their dreams.” Applying color theory to the visual direction of the collection led Tilbury to create Love Frequency in Morganite pink (the color of love and romance), Calm Bliss in Aquamarine blue (the color of purity and serenity), Joyphoria in rose gold )the color of euphoric happiness), Magic Energy in emerald green (the color of electric energy), More S… in ruby red (the color of passion), and Cosmic Power in vibrant amethyst (the color of love, intuition, and spiritual wisdom). “We combined these with mantras, which you can tear off and keep with you.” Tilbury pauses and reads a snippet of a mantra out loud, “Bathe in the glow of love as two hearts beat as one. Let love be your frequency. A new story has come.”

As a fragrance enthusiast herself, Tilbury kept the notion of fragrance layering at the forefront of the collection, with most of the scents working beautifully together. “Think about a day in your life,” Tilbury says. “You get up in the morning, you might do some yoga, so you might spray a little Magic Energy. Then you go for a jog and you put on a little Joyphoria with its lovely warm notes like jasmine, vanilla, and the ylang-ylang. Joyphoria combines all that tastes exotic. It's just like sunshine. It immediately has an effect on how you feel. In bottling that, it elicits feelings of happiness. It is really amazing.” 

Then, depending on your mood as the day dwindles, you might reach for Calm Bliss or More S…, but regardless, you can be assured that your choice won’t just match your mood; it will enhance it. 


Meanwhile, mantras, manifestation powers, numerology, crystals, and more play into the magical ambience of the collection, creating a force that is powered by so much more than just fragrance. They become guides to your day. They are directional. They can change the whole vibe of the room. On the last point, I grew curious and ask Tilbury, “If I'm wearing the fragrance and someone else smells it, will it elicit the same emotion for them?” “Exactly,” she responds. “You are affecting the people around you. It's all about rebalancing. Everyone needs to be rebalanced.” And then she gives me a hot tip for busy days packed with meetings in the office: “Spray a little Cosmic Power or Joyphoria in the room before the meetings start,” she cheekily shares. “See what happens to everyone’s mood. These are your invisible superpowers that no one will know about. They will affect not only you but also the people around you.” 

 “The world is going to be a much happier place after this launch," I respond.


These are your invisible SUPER POWERS that no one will know about. They will affect not only you but also the people around you.

Charlotte Tilbury
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