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From Photobooth Flicks to Nighttime Glam, Chanel’s New Lipstick Is the Star

by Savoir Flair 3-minute read February 20, 2024

Chanel’s new lipstick makes every photo booth snap a glamour shot.


When dusk descends, the city transforms – a constellation of twinkling lights and endless possibilities. This is where our Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet — Nuit Blanche collection story begins, in a world where nightfall doesn’t mean the end, but the electrifying start of something new. 

An eight-hour odyssey through eight daring colors. Each shade defying the sun’s power; each one a bold statement for those who thrive under the moon’s glow. 

As the clock chimes the bewitching hour, discover Rouge Allure Velvet in its avant-garde white case, edged in timeless black — an accessory for the bold. Dress your lips in the drama of sienna red or the vibrancy of brick orange, and feel the pulse of the night quicken. 


But, oh, the party’s just getting started. Feel the intensity soar as vivacious shades like orange red and vibrant fuchsia sashay onto the scene, embodying the unrestrained joy of a celebration that knows no bounds. As the night deepens, so do the colors. Intimate, enigmatic half-tones come into play, weaving a spell of allure with warm browns and a luminous, matte purple.

And as dawn whispers its first secrets, Rouge Allure Velvet transforms again. Embrace the gentle touch of burnished rosewood and fresh pink, as the city stirs awake to the promises of a new day.

In Savoir Flair’s chic video editorial, watch as our model takes you within the whimsical world of a photobooth. With each swipe of Rouge Allure Velvet, her playful energy is captured through the lens of the booth — a flirtatious dance of colors, each telling its own story. Each color unveils a new chapter in the narrative of the night. 

The question isn’t where the night will take you, but where you will take the night.

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