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Chanel Crafts a New Vision of Style and Self

by Savoir Flair 2-minute read December 19, 2023

Through the looking glass of Chanel, every reflection tells a story of style and self.


In the realm of luxury fashion, the introspective art of self-reflection transcends mere trends, diving into the depths of identity and expression. This theme harmonizes beautifully with the ethos of Chanel, a maison renowned for its celebration of freedom and authenticity in personal style.

Savoir Flair’s latest fashion editorial, inspired by the iconic mirrored staircase at Coco Chanel’s famed apartment at 31 Rue Cambon, captures the essence of the brand’s rich heritage. It reflects not only the transformative beauty of Chanel’s designs but also the connection between the maison and the individuality of its wearers.


Chanel Eternal No. 5 Transformable Earring, Eternal No. 5 Ring


Chanel Les Infinis De Camélia Necklace, Extrait De Camélia Earrings, Eternal No. 5 Ring


Savoir Flair's exquisite images gracefully display Chanel’s fine jewelry and watches, each testament to the brand’s renowned elegance and attention to detail. Drawing inspiration from Coco Chanel’s Parisian residence, the photos artfully blend the pieces with reflective elements. 

Chanel Extrait de No. 5 Bracelet, Bouton De Camélia Ring, Coco Crush Ring

Chanel Eternal No. 5 Single Earring, Coco Crush Ear Cuff, Coco Crush Rings

Chanel Première Edition Originale Watch, Extrait De No.5 Ring


Chanel Extrait De Camélia Hoop Earrings


Chanel Comète 1932 Transformable Earrings, Bouton De Camélia Ring


This interplay of light and shadow not only highlights the intricate craftsmanship of the Extrait de No. 5, Camélia, and Coco Crush fine jewelry collections, but also unveils layers of identity and narrative. More than just accessories, the jewelry, as reflected in these images, intertwines with the concept of self-discovery, weaving tales that speak to the elegance and distinct character of those who wear them.

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