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Chanel's Holiday Magic: Unveiling Its New Art Deco-Inspired Makeup Collection

by Savoir Flair 3-minute read December 8, 2023

Transport yourself to the Roaring '20s in Savoir Flair's latest editorial for Chanel Beauty. 

Savoir Flair illuminates Chanel's Holiday 2023 collection, spotlighting the spirit that defines the season. Inspired by the Art Deco era of the 1920s, the collection harmoniously blends Chanel's impeccable holiday glamour with subtle contrasts. Like a story that starts at the end, the scene unfolds as if still suspended in the lingering magic of a night steeped in celebration. An homage to the lavish parties of the Roaring '20s, Chanel's holiday collection sparkles and shines, carrying its own internal energy. Tinsel, ornaments, and confetti are artfully scattered, setting the festive stage for a range that embodies the era's unapologetic opulence.

The Lumière Graphique palette, with its sequin-inspired shades, allows you to create striking eye looks reminiscent of Chanel's sequin-studded gowns. Here, the spectacle of Pink Gold melds with the brilliance of Diamond White and the enigmatic allure of Shimmering Black, creating an interplay of hues that's as much an ode to haute couture as it is to makeup artistry. This palette is not just a set of colors; it's an invitation to craft a boldly graphic look. 

The Duo Lumière highlighter compact reveals a time capsule, whisking us back to the effervescent glamour of the 1920s. Infused with Pink Champagne and Crystal White hues, the powder's iridescent pigments come alive upon contact with the skin, like a burst of radiance. This isn't just makeup; it's a celebration of elegance in its purest form. As the brush applicator glides over the high points of your face, it leaves behind not just a highlight but a story of timeless beauty, with each shimmering shade enhancing your natural glow and bestowing your complexion with a subtle, pearlescent sheen.

Meanwhile, Rouge Allure L'Extrait offers four irresistible lip colors that pay homage to the era's opulence. Midnight Red, Roaring Purple, Beige Brut, and Rouge Puissant are rich in hue, while their formula offers protection and hydration thanks to ume flower extract and plant waxes. 

This season, Savoir Flair's video editorial brings you the enduring charm of Chanel's Holiday 2023 collection, inviting you into a world where the party never truly ends and where the allure of Chanel remains as dazzling as ever.

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