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Quiz: Discover Your Festive Spirit with Bvlgari’s Holiday Edit
by Savoir Flair 5-minute read December 5, 2023

Under the light of magnificence, life can be better than your dreams.

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In Bvlgari’s Holiday Season 2023 campaign, the essence of magnificence is reimagined, inviting us into a world where dreams and reality merge in a celebration of wonder and emotion. Under the theme “Celebrate Magnificent Wonders,” the campaign is a tribute to the infinite discoveries and enchanting universe of the Maison. 

Central to this year’s campaign is the dazzling Anne Hathaway, who, as the first global Brand Ambassador for a Bvlgari Holiday Season campaign, embodies the brand’s radiance and sophistication. The campaign creatively integrates iconic symbols of Bvlgari, such as the Serpenti and a myriad of colored gemstones, emblematic of the brand’s deep Roman roots and artistic heritage. These elements, combined with the magical setting inspired by Rome’s architectural beauty, create a narrative that is both captivating and deeply evocative of the festive season’s spirit.

Let Anne Hathaway’s festive energy in the campaign set the tone for this season’s celebrations. Savoir Flair has prepared a fun and engaging online quiz that allows you to reflect on your holiday style and find the perfect Bvlgari piece that complements it. 

Discover your perfect holiday match with Bvlgari in the quiz below.


How do you typically decorate your space for the holiday season?

When attending a holiday party, what’s your go-to style?

What is your favorite type of holiday music?

What's your favorite holiday activity?

What type of holiday gift do you prefer giving?

Which holiday movie do you resonate with the most?

How do you approach holiday meal planning?

How do you plan to spend the long holiday weekend in Dubai?

What's your ideal way to celebrate New Year's Eve in Dubai?

What does the holiday season mean to you?

Some questions are not answered yet


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