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How to Spend an Entire Day at Jumeirah Burj Al Arab
by Savoir Flair 4-minute read May 15, 2024

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As Dubai’s most recognizable landmark, Jumeirah Burj Al Arab is where next-level experiences meet incredible vibes. This iconic hotel offers a day packed with unforgettable moments and epic culinary adventures. From sky-high dining at Al Muntaha to the underwater magic of Al Mahara and the innovative flavors at SAL, each spot promises something unique and exciting. Here’s how to make the most of a day at the Burj Al Arab.

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Start Your Day at Al Muntaha

Kick off your day by stepping into the breathtaking lobby of Jumeirah Burj Al Arab. The grandeur of soaring atriums and cascading waterfalls sets the scene for a day of pure indulgence. Head straight up to Al Muntaha, a one-Michelin-starred fine-dining restaurant perched 200 meters above the Gulf. Offering unrivaled views and an exquisite blend of French and Italian cuisine, Al Muntaha epitomizes sophistication. Diners can enjoy unique experiences like a decadent cheese trolley, ensuring a start to the day marked by culinary excellence and unforgettable moments.


Lunch at Al Mahara

When lunchtime rolls around, dive into the underwater wonderland of Al Mahara. This isn’t just a meal; it’s an experience. Surrounded by a mesmerizing aquatic display, indulge in the freshest seafood. The award-winning Ristorante L'Olivo at Al Mahara will take you on a luxurious culinary journey with its Caviar Menu. This five-course extravaganza includes dishes like carabineros prawns carpaccio, grilled scallops with a Ferrari Brut  Spumante sauce, and caviar tagliolini with gold powder. Finish off with black cod and a heavenly coconut ice cream. Pure decadence.

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Relax at Talise Spa

Post-lunch, it’s time to relax and rejuvenate at the tranquil Talise Spa. With 14 treatment rooms, indoor infinity pools, and thermal suites, this spa is a sanctuary of serenity. The newly introduced HWH Studio on the 18th floor is perfect for wellness enthusiasts. Join a yoga class with renowned instructor Adrienne Everett or opt for a personalized one-on-one session, all while enjoying stunning views of the ocean.

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Pastry Delights at Les Desserts

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Les Desserts is your next stop. This pastry boutique is helmed by French-born Executive Pastry Chef Tom Coll. Indulge in creations like a fruity raspberry tart or a rich pistachio religieuse. Chef Coll’s Michelin-starred expertise shines through in every bite.

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Afternoon Tea at Skyview Lounge

Enjoy an exquisite afternoon tea at the Skyview Lounge on the 27th floor, where you can nibble on savory treats like cheese canalés and king crab tartelettes, and delight in sweets such as the signature mango-flower roll and hazelnut lemon swirl, all perfectly complemented by a glass of bubbly. The views of the Gulf from 200 meters above sea level add an even sweeter touch to the experience.

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Dinner at SAL

As the sun sets, head to SAL for dinner. Located on the terrace with stunning views, SAL offers a vibrant menu of modern cuisine fused with Middle Eastern influences. From zesty ceviches to smoky wood-fired grills, every dish is a delight.


Sundowners at Gilt

After dinner, make your way to Gilt, Jumeirah Burj Al Arab’s glittering night spot. Expertly crafted beverages in a chic setting provide the perfect way to cap off your day, accompanied by artisanal cheese platters and bar bites, while live DJ sets create an electric atmosphere. Grab a window seat to take in the stunning views as dimly lit corners meet lively chatter and the clink of glasses. The night comes alive here, offering an unforgettable blend of sophistication and fun.

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Midnight Farewell

End your night by soaking in the city lights, reflecting on a day well spent. Jumeirah Burj Al Arab promises memories that last long after you leave. From luxurious amenities and world-class dining to exceptional wellness offerings, every second at the Jumeirah Burj Al Arab is designed to wow. As a symbol of Dubai, it reminds us of all the amazing things the city has to offer.

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