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A Desert Rose Blooms in Bulgari's Latest Olfactory Masterpiece
article BULGARI
by Assele Kahwaji 3-minute read April 2, 2024

Bulgari's newest creation tells the captivating story of the treasured Saudi Arabian Taif rose.

article BULGARI

In the heart of Riyadh's flourishing cultural landscape, Bulgari unveiled its newest scent marvel, Le Gemme Sahare, with an intimate dinner celebrating a blend of artistry, innovation, and sensory exploration. The event invited guests to step into a world where fragrances go beyond the ordinary, bringing to life the unique essence of the Taif rose.

As the evening unfolded, the air was filled with the captivating aroma of Sahare. Its floral, woody, and citrusy notes surrounded us, sparking lively discussions about our individual interpretations of the scent and evoking tales of Saudi Arabia's vast, unexplored landscapes. Sahare stands out as a vibrant ode to the Taif rose, marrying contrasting elements in a way that mirrors the rich diversity of Saudi Arabia. It was clear to us that Bulgari has crafted yet another masterpiece, one that forms a unique bond with every wearer.


Renowned for his daring approach to perfumery, Master Perfumer Yann Vasnier utilized a revolutionary new molecule to capture the essence of the Taif rose in its purest form. This precious ingredient, flourishing in the mountainous region of Taif, is revered for its unparalleled beauty and aroma, making it one of the most coveted ingredients in perfumery. 

Nestled about 1,700 meters above sea level, the mountainous Taif region offers a unique microclimate perfect for nurturing the rose flower. The Taif rose thrives in this environment, its delicate petals enriched by the region's distinct conditions, cementing its status as a cherished natural marvel. As attendees of the launch event delved into the world of Sahare, they embarked on a sensory voyage navigating the vast landscapes and deep-rooted traditions of Taif. 

Vasnier masterfully melded sweet and peppery notes, crafting a fragrance that's both enticing and mysterious. Ambergris's warm, earthy notes fuse with Jasper's lively spice, delivering an enchanting sensory experience that keeps you on your toes. With a nod to Bulgari's signature essence, Sahare incorporates the citrusy freshness of Bergamot, infusing energy and light into the blend. This interplay between sweet and citrus notes offers a lively contrast, enriching the fragrance's depth and complexity. “When I studied the various types of rose, I realized the Taif rose had this freshness, this greenness, this lightness to it — and so using the latest technology and newest ingredients, I tried to make this scent as vibrant, modern, and multifaceted as possible,” explains Vasier. 


The spirit of Sahare’s debut is further magnified by Bulgari’s collaboration with Dubai-based Spanish artist Victor Nouman. Through Nouman's lens, the ‘Inflatable Rose’ emerges as a mesmerizing emblem of Sahare's floral essence. Curated immersive visuals transported attendees to the heart of the desert, uncovering the mystique and foundational inspiration behind the scent. Nouman reflects on the collaboration, saying, “This merging of art and perfume transforms the Sahare experience into a multi-sensory journey, where sight and scent intertwine to captivate the imagination.” 


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