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An Endless Summer Vibe Can Be Yours with the Help of These Brands
by Savoir Flair 6-minute read January 24, 2024

A round-up of our favorite brands that exude an eternal summer vibe.

The joke about the weather in the region is simple: we have two temperatures here, hot and hotter. Living in the GCC means you have ample opportunity to build a wardrobe of summer staples that are wearable all year round. With consistently high temperatures, investing in light, breathable fabrics and flowy silhouettes offering versatility in style is essential.

Whether you're creating a resortwear collection or assembling your everyday essentials, we've rounded up our favorite brands that exude an endless summer vibe.


Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals, inspired by Greek mythology and the craftsmanship of a talented Cretan sandal maker, are renowned for their enchanting essence and distinctive 'golden wing' buckle, reminiscent of Hermes' flying sandals. Hermes, in Greek mythology, is the messenger god known for his speed and winged sandals. Handcrafted by skilled local artisans using time-honored techniques, these sandals combine a raw, feminine aesthetic with natural, chemical-free leather that ages gracefully. 



Stocked with swimwear, beachwear, activewear, and lingerie, the Parisian label Eres boasts a long-standing reputation for designing elegant swimwear with streamlined silhouettes. At Eres, timeless designs and quality materials assure customers of luxe investment pieces.

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For the Sake of Love

Dubai-based entrepreneur and content creator Cyrielle Verstuyft channels her passion for travel into her label, For the Sake of Love. Continually seeking effortlessly chic summer staples suitable for both the beach and a posh date, Verstuyft launched her own brand to fulfill these criteria. Whether you're longing for a sunset stroll on picturesque sandy shores or a ride on a luxury yacht, For the Sake of Love offers the perfect ensembles for every kind of summer escapade.


Hey Marly

Even the most impressive resortwear wardrobe is incomplete without the right accessories, and that's where Hey Marly steps in. With its recently launched UAE e-commerce site, Hey Marly invites you to explore its treasure trove of playful sandals, beach bags, hats, and scarves. This one-stop destination for all the coolest "endless summer" accessories is set to become your favorite, especially once you discover that investing in a pair of their sandals with interchangeable straps equates to acquiring four looks in one. Genius!

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The Australian label Matteau is designed for those who aim to stand out on the beach, not through bold statements, but by wearing the brand's timeless styles that are both understated yet recognizable. With instantly identifiable silhouettes crafted with integrity, Matteau embodies a relaxed summer vibe in its clothing line.

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Palem, translating to "palm tree" in Indonesian, is a brand crafted for wandering souls. Born from the desire of a well-traveled husband-and-wife duo to infuse the spirit of travel into their daily lives, Palem was launched in 2019. The founders are committed to providing customers with the sensation of an eternal summer through their light, breezy designs and cheerful prints.

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Second Summer

Launched in 2020, Second Summer is more than just a label; it's a lifestyle. Created from a yearning to break free from the mundane, Second Summer designs clothing for free-spirited island enthusiasts who seek a wardrobe that's simple, elegant, and consciously crafted. Established with a thoughtful approach, Second Summer champions the idea of building a trans-seasonal wardrobe that endures over time. Offering two annual capsule collections, the brand provides versatile pieces that can be effortlessly mixed and matched. Second Summer is committed to delivering high-quality cotton and linen staples, designed to make women feel naturally confident and alluring.


Summer Somewhere

The Indian brand Summer Somewhere is focused on crafting apparel for your next vacation. This ready-to-wear label, tailored for sun seekers, is committed not only to exploring the world but also to preserving its fragile ecological balance. Featuring bright colors, charming prints, airy silhouettes, and ethically produced collections, Summer Somewhere collaborates with local artisans using eco-friendly fabrics. Moreover, the brand utilizes low-impact AZO-free dyes that are devoid of carcinogenic compounds. Packaged in recyclable materials, Summer Somewhere's timeless designs offer the perfect opportunity for a guilt-free shopping spree.



The Melbourne-based brand Steele embodies a dream wardrobe characterized by a sophisticated, feminine aesthetic and a versatile, wear-anywhere attitude. Inspired by and designed for the modern-day woman, Steele is dedicated to providing its customers with a sense of effortless femininity paired with comfortable fits.

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Three Graces London

Three Graces London offers luxurious clothing for those who adore warm weather. With a keen understanding that the sensation of fabrics against the skin is as crucial as their appearance, Three Graces London prioritizes natural fabrics. The brand focuses on ease and versatility, embracing the "less is more" philosophy. Each piece is designed to be flexible, easily mixed and matched, dressed up or down, and perfect for quick packing. The brand's essence is feminine yet not overly elaborate, spontaneous rather than flashy, and timeless. Moreover, Three Graces London aims to empower women to express themselves freely through its designs.

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