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“More Is More” at Boucheron, Where High Jewelry Blends Art and Opulence
by Savoir Flair 3-minute read July 6, 2023

Creative Director Claire Choisne leads a journey through the vibrant, rebellious '80s, bridging luxury jewelry and contemporary art. 


In the stately realm of Place Vendôme, the grand salons of Boucheron beat with the exhilarating spirit of “More is More”, a high-jewelry collection that joyfully defies the constraints of the past and propels us into a future of bold aesthetics. This is an audacious assembly of beauty; not just a jewelry collection but a celebration of life’s resilience and human determination. Under the masterful curation of Creative Director, Claire Choisne, the collection takes us on a dazzling journey through the vibrant colors and rebellious geometry of the 80s, an era that insisted on being anything but beige.

Maison Boucheron has positioned itself as a conduit between the elegant realm of luxury jewelry and the provocative sphere of contemporary art. This collection, a masterpiece of innovation, is a vibrant affirmation of that audacious intent. In a brilliant display of craft and vision, conventional definitions of what is precious are dismissed and the essence of luxury is reimagined. Pearls crafted from mother-of-pearl powder paint beneath a sapphire glass dome, oversized diamond chain links bestowing an illusion of depth through artful lacquer application; each piece serves as a testimony to Boucheron’s unfettered creativity.

The ingenuity of the “More is More” collection is captured not only in the name, but in the magnificent symphony of details that echo throughout each piece. A gigantic bow in the hair that defies gravity, a spectacular embodiment of technical complexity. Rings of striking geometric design that radiate both boldness and elegance, crafted to balance the scales between playfulness and prestige. The collection rewrites the rules of high jewelry, honoring tradition while fearlessly forging new ground.

Boucheron’s “More is More” collection stands as an homage to joyful defiance, to the indomitable spirit of optimism and the preciousness of joy itself. The collection conjures a dance between the minimalist and the extravagant, the simple and the elaborate, the traditional and the innovative. It is an enduring anthem to Boucheron’s philosophy of high jewelry: that it should always be precious, but never predictable.

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