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A Gel Manicure That's Actually Healthy for Your Nails?
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by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read January 24, 2024

Meet the nail revolution.

When it comes to achieving the perfect nails, the struggle is all too real — especially for those with weak, damaged, or brittle natural nails. Enter BIAB (Builder in a Bottle), the revolution in nail care that’s sweeping the beauty world off its feet. While acrylics and gel manicures have been stealing the spotlight, BIAB has quietly been revolutionizing nail care for those in the know. Initially a best-kept secret among chronic nail-biters or those with damaged nails, this treatment is slowly but surely entering the mainstream. BIAB doesn't just make your nails look good; it actively contributes to their overall health. If you're not yet acquainted with its myriad benefits, take a moment to scroll down and discover them all.

It Strengthens Weak and Damaged Nails

For nail-biters or those who have brittle, breakable nails, BIAB offers a ray of hope. Unlike the rigorous application and harsh chemicals often associated with acrylics, BIAB is a kinder, gentler alternative. This innovative formula allows you to build length gradually, offering benefits without sacrificing the integrity of your natural nails. It's a versatile solution that doesn't just camouflage the problem but actively works to protect your nails from further damage and breakage. Infused with essential nutrients and designed to harden upon application, BIAB fortifies your natural nails. 

It Reshapes and Repairs Nails

A savior for nails that have seen better days, BIAB excels at repair and reshaping. Whether you're dealing with minor nicks or major ridges, the gel seamlessly fills in imperfections, giving your nails a smoother, more even appearance. With regular manicures over a six-month period, this treatment can transform your nails from damsel-in-distress to superheroine strong.

It Acts As a Protective Barrier for Gel Manicures

If you're partial to the longevity and finish of gel manicures, BIAB adds another layer of perfection by serving as a robust undercoat. The treatment acts as a protective barrier, offering your nails the immunity they need from the harshness of regular gels. BIAB lasts for three to four weeks and can be gently soaked off without the typical nail tools, ensuring minimal trauma to the nail bed.

It's Vegan and Cruelty-Free

BIAB is not only vegan but also cruelty-free. The absence of harsh chemicals ensures your nails aren't just looking good, they're feeling good — ethically and aesthetically.

Where to Get BIAB Done in Dubai?


Willow Lane

Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Willow Lane, situated in the heart of JLT, houses UK-trained hair and beauty experts ready to cater to all your needs to look and feel your best. It offers the option to deviate from classic neutral BIAB colors, allowing for the addition of extra color on top of your nails for some extra flair.

Lake Level, next to Costa Coffee,
Cluster C, JLT
+971 52 584 8201



Al Quoz

Located in Alserkal, Chalk is known for its hair salon, but don't forget it also offers a great space for nail care! With an extensive nail care menu, BIAB overlays and extensions are all available.

Warehouse 63,
Alserkal Avenue
+971 4 346 6284


Havie & Moon

Dubai Hills

Havie & Moon, recently opened in Dubai Hills, specializes in BIAB nail artistry, offering the option of getting designs on your BIAB nails. The salon uses organic products, so get ready to give your nails the treatment they deserve.

Unit R03, The Pinnacle
Dubai Hills Estate
+971 4 554 4895
+971 58 599 4841



Multiple Locations

NBar, a well-established salon with numerous locations across Dubai, is a dependable choice for your beauty needs. It offers expert BIAB manicure services wherever you are in the city.

NBar Locations
+971 800 6227

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