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Beyoncé Goes Country and Hailey Bieber Does a Thing
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by Grace Gordon 3-minute read February 12, 2024

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Beyoncé OutSupers the Super Bowl

There are a few rules about music releases in the industry. Don’t release an album before the weekend, don’t release one around a major holiday, and definitely, definitely don’t even think about dropping anything the same day as a global event. Beyoncé has not only broken them all but also reshaped the way other artists release music. She will crash through a busy Friday and drop a full album (with visuals!), she’ll release right before Christmas, and last week, she broke the biggest rule of them all and dropped new tracks during the Super Bowl. Right as her hilarious Verizon commercial wrapped – in which she attempted to break the network’s 5G coverage with crazier and crazier stunts – she released two country music tracks from a forthcoming project. The reaction videos have been wild, proving that not only will she master any genre she takes on but that when she does, her fans will be right there to say, “Wagon Wheel Watusi.”


Brown Hair? On a Human? Groundbreaking!

Everything beauty-related that Hailey Bieber does gets turned into a trend, and for some reason, they’re all named after food: glazed donut skin, lemon glaze nails, and now, chocolate syrup hair. Chocolate syrup hair? Come on, her hair is brown. Let’s just call it that.

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Lisa Makes Her Acting Debut

We already reported on the incredible new cast for Season 3 of The White Lotus, but as of this week, a highly anticipated newcomer has been announced. Lisa of Blackpink K-Pop superfame is the latest addition to the all-star Lotus lineup, marking her very first acting debut. Hopefully, her role works out better than bandmate Jennie, whose acting debut in the shudder-inducing, horrific flop The Idol was drowned by negative feedback and low viewer numbers. 

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Things I Think the Director Shouted at Bad Bunny During This Jacquemus Shoot

“You're the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Sway for me! No, the other way!”

“Forget Jacob Elordi! You are ‘baby girl!' Give me more ‘baby girl!’”

“You’re a tulip! You’re a morning glory! You're a fresh little daisy!”

“More pits!”

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