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The Best New Dubai Restaurants to Try in 2024
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by Savoir Flair 5-minute read May 9, 2024

Dubai loves its culinary scene, and we've got a lot to taste in 2024.

With Dubai proudly crowned as the food capital of the world, the city's dining landscape has ascended to new, unparalleled heights. This illustrious title is not just a testament to the city's culinary diversity, but also to its relentless pursuit of gastronomic excellence. In Dubai, every meal is a journey across continents and cultures, offering a taste of the extraordinary in every bite.

The city, a melting pot of global cuisines, has always been a step ahead in offering eclectic and exquisite dining experiences. Now, with its new status as the food capital of the world (and the new year just around the corner), Dubai has upped the ante, setting new standards in hospitality, ambiance, and culinary innovation.

This year’s lineup of new restaurants is as diverse as it is delectable. Whether you're in pursuit of avant-garde gastronomy that challenges the status quo, or a comforting bite that feels like a warm embrace, Dubai’s 2024 culinary scene promises to cater to every craving. 

Join us on a gastronomic journey through the best new restaurants in Dubai, where each establishment is not just a place to eat, but a destination in itself. Welcome to the ultimate guide to Dubai’s dining scene in 2024 — your table awaits.

Editor’s Note: As we continue to explore and review this ever-expanding culinary landscape, we’ll keep adding to this list throughout the year. Bon Appétit!


Above Eleven

Bangkok transplant Above Eleven has arrived at Jumeirah Marriott Resort on Palm Jumeirah and brings with it a tasty Nikei menu of explosive Peruvian and Japanese flavors and a stunning view of West Palm Beach, Dubai Marina, and the Arabian Gulf. Start your night off with fresh ceviche, and don’t skip the ‘Usuzukuri Tiradito’ with tender seabass, punchy leche tigre, and nutty choclo. It’s absolutely divine. The flavors at Above Eleven lean toward bright and citrusy, with hints of spice and herbs that balance the rest of the dishes perfectly. The ‘Peruvian Toothfish’ main is another can’t-miss order, with a flaky and flavorful fish arriving at the table atop a creamy bed of mashed potatoes drizzled with hoisin honey and miso. It’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and the delicacy of the fish juxtaposes beautifully against the rich potato mash. With the kind of views that remind you why you live in Dubai and a bounty of delicious dishes to choose from, Above Eleven is poised to become a Palm mainstay.


The Citronelle Club

Finally, Jumeirah Lakes Towers gets its dose of cool with The Citronelle Club, located in SO/ Uptown Dubai. If you’re looking for a dining experience that’s as much about the story as it is about the food, this restaurant should be your new go-to spot. Blending Asian culinary traditions with a French twist, the venue stands out with its ‘Mígong maze’ style, giving a modern take on the intricate and traditional Chinese labyrinths. Meanwhile, open kitchens and live cooking stations add to the dynamic vibe, enhancing the immersive dining experience. As for the menu, it’s a global mix of flavors — where Chicken Xiao Long Bao party with Yellowfin Tuna and Foie Gras, and Biang Biang Soft-shell Crab tango with a show-stopping signature Roast Duck. Here, the concept of sharing is embraced, not just as a social gesture but as a practical solution to the all-too-real phenomenon of food envy. Plates are served in the center of the table, inviting guests to enjoy a feast where Southeast Asia and China meet a dash of French panache. The drinks lineup is as adventurous as the food, with sweet, tangy beverages and grapes that feel like they’ve been handpicked to get along with every dish.


DuangDy by Bo.Lan

Sustainable cuisine has found a vibrant showcase at DuangDy by Bo.Lan in Dubai, where chefs Bo Songvisava and Dylan Jones merge tradition with eco-conscious innovation. Located in the trendy The Link by One&Only One Za’abeel, the restaurant offers stunning city views and a minimalist decor that pays homage to Thai culture. Guests are greeted with unique touches like seam si fortune sticks and a jasmine rice-inspired welcome drink, setting the stage for a dining experience full of surprises, including a Tarot card-inspired beverage menu. Committed to sustainability, DuangDy has omitted common dishes like pad thai for a menu that emphasizes zero-waste practices and sustainable sourcing. Each sauce and paste is meticulously crafted in-house with manual tools to preserve its natural flavors and textures. Signature dishes include the richly flavored Red Thai Curry and the crisply satisfying Thai Son-in-Law eggs, with the wok-fried beef offering a fiery taste of Thai spice level. The meal concludes with a traditional shaved-ice dessert, featuring pandan noodles and smoked cream, blending sweet and savory elements. Beyond the cuisine, the service at DuangDy is notably warm and personal, enhancing the dining experience with genuine connections and a shared commitment to sustainability. This approach not only enriches the dining experience but also aligns perfectly with the restaurant’s mission to impact the environment minimally.

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Named after the Greek word for "olive," this gem in Al Wasl's Galleria Mall is a lively celebration of Greek, Italian, and French gastronomic wonders. As you step inside, prepare to be whisked away by hand-painted murals depicting the zest of lemons and the richness of olives, paying homage to the Mediterranean landscape. Fruit trees scattered throughout the space infuse an authentic charm, transporting diners to the sun-kissed shores of this iconic region. But enough about the scenery — let's talk food! At Elia, it's all about the coastal flavors and fresh ingredients. From a unique take on the classic moussaka to the chef's signature Cepe Mushroom Risotto, and everything in between, the menu is a journey through the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean that'll leave your palate saying, "Opa!"


Eugène Eugène

Step away from the Mall of the Emirates’ tourist traps and head upstairs to Kempinski Hotel’s Eugène Eugène for a delicious plot twist. It’s like stumbling into a secret garden meets French brasserie — if your secret garden comes with Beluga caviar and Gillardeau oysters. 

Starting off, the Foie Gras with Date Chutney, served with rustic bread, feels like a love letter from Paris with a Dubai postmark. Then there’s the Veal and Tuna Tartare Salad, which is basically what happens when surf and turf decide to play nice. For a pizza experience that’s more truffle than trouble, the Truffle Pizzetta is a must-try. And for the sweetest finale, don’t miss the Fondant au Chocolat or Tarte Fine aux Pommes — each a sweet reminder that life’s too short for average desserts. Whether you’re a French food connoisseur or just someone who appreciates a pretty plate, this rooftop oasis is where you’ll want to park your appetite.

The Guild

You step into The Guild, and it's like you've been whisked away to the legendary brasseries of New York or the iconic grand cafés of Europe. But here's the twist: you're enveloped in a sense of calm, as if the usual frenetic dance of restaurant staff has been finely tuned. 

Melbourne culinary trailblazer Tom Arnel and revered London architect David Archer are the visionaries behind this new launch. From the tranquil sea-inspired palette of The Rockpool to the grandeur of The Salon, each space feels like a culinary theater, with you in the VIP seat. And then comes the food. A narrative told through a curated selection of ocean-fresh seafood and grill-perfected meats, this is where comfort food meets fine dining, and trust us — it's a union worth celebrating. 

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JUYI Restaurant & Lounge

Newly opened hotspot, JUYI Restaurant & Lounge, blends Japanese cuisine with the lively pulse of Dubai’s nightlife. Its signature menu showcases an array of Japanese-inspired dishes, each crafted with a creative flair that breathes new life into classic flavors. Highlights include the Romantic Encounter Maki Roll and the Truffle Tuna Temptation, where unexpected ingredient combinations reveal the culinary team’s expertise. The Sesame Sunrise Salad offers a crisp, refreshing bite, and the Faroe Salmon Fusion delivers a rich, savory depth that pairs beautifully with the restaurant’s expertly mixed beverages. Not to be overlooked, the Black Cod and the innovative Blueberry Foie Gras both stand out for their bold fusion of flavors.

The setting complements the cuisine, with live entertainment that keeps the energy high throughout the evening. As day turns to night, the ambiance shifts to a more subdued mood, ideal for relaxing after a satisfying meal. JUYI stands out not just for its food but for its ability to merge dining with an entertaining experience. Casual yet sophisticated, it caters to those looking for a meal that’s both enjoyable and memorable. Whether you’re there for a special occasion or a casual outing, JUYI provides a setting that’s both engaging and fun. It’s a straightforward choice for anyone wanting to add a little excitement to their dining routine.


There are unique dining experiences, and then there’s Krasota — where your plate serves as a gateway to futuristic adventures. This gastro-theater, a brainchild of the White Rabbit Family, combines culinary artistry with artistic innovation. Chef Vladmir Mukhin’s menu is a dialogue with the future, exploring and defying culinary norms. The circular dining space, designed for an intimate group of 20, surrounds guests with 3D multimedia projections where visual storytelling, technology, and artificial intelligence blend to forecast the flavors of tomorrow. Each dish reflects futuristic scenarios — from space exploration to cyberpunk revelries, and each bite is an invitation to uncharted culinary territories.

The menu, divided into eight thought-provoking chapters, is a showcase of unique ingredients and inventive cuisine. Expect to be surprised by the likes of sea urchin, bringing the ocean’s essence to your palate, or the luxurious rarity of white caviar. The inclusion of quail and sea grapes adds layers of texture and flavor, each creation offering glimpses into the future of gastronomy. Krasota is nothing short of genius, providing a vivid revelation of the future through taste and imagination. Throughout the experience, you’ll not only savor innovative dishes but also reflect on your own vision of the future and your role in humanity’s unfolding story.

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The UAE’s first handroll bar, Kokoro is making waves right in the creative hub of Alserkal Avenue. At the heart of Kokoro (no pun intended – the name means “heart” in Japanese), you’re treated to a show by the dynamic team behind the counter. These expert sushi chefs craft each dish with a rhythm and precision that’s a delight to watch, making every visit truly enjoyable. The place packs a punch with its hardwood seats, traditional Japanese vibes, and a curious collection of over 80 rubber ducks, reminding everyone of Kokoro’s playful spirit. 

For the best taste of what Kokoro offers, order the Hamachi Furikake, Salmon, or Spicy Tuna rolls, celebrated for its fresh ingredients sourced from long-trusted suppliers. And don't skip the nigiri and sashimi; options like succulent A5 wagyu, various types of fatty tuna, and salmon are top picks. Additionally, Kokoro also offers a variety of ceviche, infusing its dishes with a splash of citrusy freshness. It’s important to note that the menu features no cooked food. This restaurant is focused on serving cold, hand-prepared dishes that highlight the freshness of the ingredients. Whether it’s a dinner out with friends or just another day craving excellent sushi, this spot is a must-try. So, if you’re looking to tick a box off your Dubai dining bucket list, make sure Kokoro is on it.

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From the culinary genius of three-Michelin-starred Paco Morales, newly opened restaurant Qabu showcases Spain’s Moorish influences in an exquisite dining journey through Al-Andalus. Set in the coveted corner spot of the cantilever wonder, The Link, the prestigious location complements its ambitious menu that weaves traditional Moorish and Andalusian flavors into an ode to the past and the future. Here, ancient recipes are reimagined with a resplendent color palette, creating a narrative that comes alive on a plate. This restaurant echoes the historical ties between the Arab world and Spain, a period brimming with exploration and cultural exchanges, crafting an incredible cuisine that predates the concept of “fusion” as we know it today.

The experience starts with an Andalusian hand-washing ritual using orange-infused water, before guests are led to a table with stunning views of Dubai’s skyline. The Al Andalus set menu is a must-try, offering a no-guesswork journey through the best of Qabu’s offerings, including a variety of amuse-bouche, cured meats with traditional spices, and main courses like succulent lobster with sautéed spinach, wild sea bass, and roasted beef loin. Desserts surprise with rare delicacies like carob and a clove-infused sponge cake paired with orange blossom sorbet. The meal concludes with petit fours and a farewell gesture of orange-infused hand oil, rounding off a fine-dining experience ideal for special occasions or to impress a date.

Row on 45

Dubai's latest culinary gem, Row on 45, presents an exclusive dining experience by the renowned Chef Jason Atherton, housed on the top floor of City Social. A theatrical extravaganza meets an intimate dinner at a friend's penthouse, offering a journey through Atherton's global travels and culinary memories. Divided into three distinct spaces — the cozy Champagne Lounge with stunning Marina views, the intimate Chef's Kitchen where dishes are artfully assembled and described by the chefs, and the serene Chef's Library with breathtaking artwork and a spice route-inspired dessert finale — the 17-course (that's not a typo, we promise) meal is a masterful celebration of food, seamlessly choreographed by a culinary maestro. Row on 45 is a must-try for those seeking an extraordinary, immersive dining experience that transcends the ordinary, a symphony of flavors and elegance orchestrated by Chef Jason Atherton.

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Dubai’s dining scene just got a splash of Mediterranean magic with riina, the latest opening by entrepreneur Nina Ali and the team behind Cassette and NETTE. Located in Tilal Al Ghaf, this spot is shaking up the all-day dining game. Think of it as your go-to for everything from your morning caffeine fix to a cozy dinner date. Don't miss out on menu highlights like the must-try Seabass in Phyllo Puff, zesty Tuna Ceviche, and a selection of freshly baked bread so good that it's reason enough to set an early morning alarm.

As its co-founder puts it perfectly: “At riina, we’ve created a casual and creative haven for our guests. It’s a place where the flavors of the Mediterranean meet the warmth of community.” With decor that artfully mixes urban chic and nature’s best, riina stands out as a neighborhood gem where every visit strikes a perfect balance between the familiarity of catching up with an old friend and the thrill of being in the heart of something exciting. As the day shifts to night, riina transforms, too, becoming a cozy retreat perfect for those long, laughter-filled evenings. Whether you’re in for a breakfast debrief or a romantic date, riina is more than ready to play host.

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First opened on February 14, 2024 at One&Only One Za’abeel, Sagetsu (derived from the Japanese word for “sand” and “moon”) is the brilliant new Japanese restaurant from Australia Chef Tetsuya Wakuda. Applying French culinary techniques to delicate Japanese ingredients has yielded an unbelievable medley of textures and flavors, with each signature dish vying for the best bite you’ve ever had. In Sagetsu’s serene setting on Level 24 in The Link overlooking downtown Dubai, you’ll feel a world away from the typical Dubai dining scene. Hushed and sophisticated, the restaurant boasts a menu that simply bursts with flavor from start to finish. 

We recommend the nine-course option, starting with a round of savory, plump Kombu bread and truffle butter before moving on to Sagetsu’s hand-picked caviar with avocado mousse (and by hand-picked, we literally mean every single egg is placed so that they are all the same size and color!). Next, warm King Crab salad comes with an herbaceous arugula with citrusy yuzu dressing. The restaurant’s best dish comes out dressed to impress inside a sea urchin shell, replete with buttery, fresh uni, prawn, and caviar. It is outrageously, eye-rollingly delicious. This sensational dish is followed by another: bluefin tuna imported fresh from Japan. Patagonian toothfish is next, and it’s caramelized to perfection in soya sauce and fermented red beans. A main of Australian wagyu cooked to medium rare perfection arrives next with fermented cucumber and sea urchin butter. The only problem is the portion size is too small; it’s so good you’re going to want more. A final savory arrival comes in the form of sea perch paired with Japanese short-grain rice, and the meal is rounded off with a mild Japanese musk melon desert. While there are plenty of ultra high-end Japanese restaurants to choose from in Dubai, Sagetsu easily made it into our top two after a single visit. 



Downtown Dubai’s newest gem, Salvaje, brings the party from Madrid’s festive streets to The Address Opera Residences, flaunting an animal-tastic vibe with cheetah prints and oversized chandeliers. It’s a place where the refined flavors of Japanese cuisine get a wild makeover, offering a feast for the senses. The menu is an adventurous journey, showcasing dishes like Octopus Tiradito, SLVJ Roll, Black Cod glazed in Japanese plum, and a variety of excellent meats straight off the robata grill — culminating in a spectacular dessert with the Matcha Volcano. Embracing extravagance, Salvaje crafts each detail to thrill and delight. 

“Wild” isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind for Japanese cuisine, but Salvaje makes a compelling case for it. This dining destination redefines luxury, inviting guests to a vibrant world where culinary excellence meets daring design. Dress sharp, dine fabulously, and enjoy the gastronomy that Salvaje masterfully serves up. Who knows, you might even discover your own wild side.



Tired of the same old dining drill? Let’s shake things up at Shishka. Tucked away in Souk Madinat Jumeirah, this spot is dishing out a Siberian twist on your dinner expectations. It’s a leap from the usual Dubai dining scene, with a menu that’s as bold as the Siberian wilderness and as comforting as a warm fur hat. Try the Shishka Champignons Soup for a start – it’s a creamy fresh mushroom soup that brings the essence of the forest to your bowl, topped with sun-dried white mushrooms for an extra touch of woodland flavor. Or try the Shishka Plov, a traditional Uzbek pilaf that’s a hearty nod to the Silk Road. The Chicken Savory Skewer is chargrilled perfection, each bite seasoned to reveal juicy, mouthwatering flavors. Meanwhile, the Vanilla Crumb Cheesecake is a sweet, crumbly journey through flavor town, topped with white chocolate and a tangy raspberry purée that’ll make you forget about your diet plans.

Shishka isn’t about glitz; it’s about gutsy, authentic flavors that take you on a cross-continental trek without leaving your seat. So, whenever you’re craving something a little different, Shishka is your ticket to a tastebud trip to Siberia, minus the frostbite.


Signor Sassi

Signor Sassi, which opened in 1984 and has since become one of the most popular restaurants in London (frequented by celebs and royalty alike), has finally arrived in Dubai. Nestled in the St. Regis Gardens on the Palm, Signor Sassi is the epitome of Italian hospitality and Dubai luxury seamlessly intertwined. The expansive dining room boasts cozy divans surrounding family tables and smaller, more intimate settings tucked into corners, offering an inviting atmosphere for both romantic date nights and family dinners. The menu is an artful blend of tradition and innovation, presenting a harmony of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. From handmade pasta to succulent seafood and perfectly grilled meats, each dish is a journey through the rich culinary heritage of Italy. With an attentive staff, an extensive menu, and an ambiance that captivates, Signor Sassi promises an unforgettable culinary sanctuary where the essence of Italy meets the grandeur of Dubai, and is sure to be a new favorite among Dubai's elite.


Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen is more than just a restaurant; it's a vibrant homage to the rich tapestry of Levantine and Latin American cultures, woven together in a symphony of flavors and experiences. A concept by Beirut's Factory People, Soul Kitchen is an art-focused venue that redefines Dubai's nightlife scene while celebrating Arab culture, cuisine, musicians, and artists.

The decor of Soul Kitchen is a visual feast, featuring a stunning cocktail bar, outdoor terrace, two dining areas, and a soon-to-open hidden nightclub. This setting creates an ambiance that is both energetic and comfortable, making every visit feel like being a part of something grand and exciting. The menu is a testament to culinary creativity, where traditional Lebanese dishes are infused with Latin American zest. The tamarind lamb chops – a showstopping dish – are a must-try. Cooked to perfection and served with smoked goat labneh, Morita chili, and tamarind glaze, this dish exemplifies the restaurant's knack for innovative flavor combinations. Musically, Soul Kitchen stands out with nightly vinyl sets and live bands, infusing each evening with a soulful rhythm that complements the culinary journey. This combination of art and music adds an extra layer of depth to the dining experience, making Soul Kitchen a standout destination in Dubai's culinary landscape.



Newly opened SushiYaki in Madinat Jumeirah is a restaurant that wins the award we just made up for “Most Interesting Ceiling In Dubai.” Lined with white Japanese parasols illuminated by strobe lights, it makes for a striking first impression. The interior is an interesting combination of colorful murals and an open kitchen, while the vibrant outdoor terrace offers picturesque views of the Souk Madinat Jumeirah waterfront. But, setting aside its eye-catching decor, Sushiyaki is also an outstanding restaurant. This upscale dining spot, embracing the Japanese concept of ‘ikigai’ or ‘reason for being’, offers a memorable experience under the culinary expertise of Head Chef Jolbi Huacho. The menu showcases a delightful variety of flavors, featuring creative dishes such as Prawn Squid Ink Tempura and Chicken Sando with charcoal bread, along with an assortment of raw delights like carpaccio and ceviche. Among other menu highlights are delicious yakitori grills, such as the Salmon Nira and the Wagyu Beef Tsukune, while the Sticky Rice — a blend of glutinous rice, crispy garlic, oyster mushroom, edamame, capsicums, asparagus, and baby corn — makes for the perfect side dish. As one might anticipate, the selection of sushi, sashimi, maki, and nigiri at SushiYaki is impressively extensive, so order one of each and don’t hold back.

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This cozy hideaway in DIFC offers an intimate setting in which to feast on some of the best Japanese food the city has to offer. Fresh, tender sashimi flown in from Japan, artful salads, light and crispy tempura, flavorful dumplings, rich udon, and a host of tantalizing, creative flavors will keep you coming back — and so will the impeccable service. Uchi has quickly become a popular spot thanks to its delicious and affordable business lunch, but it’s at night that the vibes really pop, especially on its tiny terrace where you feel a world away from Dubai, even though the city is just on the other side of the wall.

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At Zenon, every visit is an adventure in a realm where culinary art meets technology. Architect Davide Algranti's vision brings to life an environment where holograms and dynamic art set the stage for an evening of sensory delights. The walls, adorned with dynamic digital art, create a mesmerizing backdrop that is both captivating and unobtrusive, perfectly complementing the Mediterranean-Asian fusion cuisine. As dusk settles, the space buzzes with energy, transforming into a lively entertainment hub. DJs, adorned with futuristic headgear, spin entrancing tunes, their presence becoming a visual spectacle.

The heart of Zenon beats with a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavors, where each dish is a celebration of taste and craftsmanship. The dishes, akin to culinary artworks, reflect the meticulous attention to detail and passion for flavor of the trio of chefs Lorenzo Buccarini, Tatsuya Ueda, and Thomas Papas. Imagine savoring the Pure Breed Wagyu Striploin, a testament to culinary perfection, or indulging in the playful contrast of flavors in the Rigatoni and Tagliolini. And as the night unfolds, Zenon transforms from a place not just about dining but a place to dance, to live in the moment, a place where every beat and flavor is a product of creative progression.

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