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The (Absolute) Best Greek Restaurants in Dubai
by Savoir Flair 7-minute read August 7, 2023

Dubai's got a Greek streak — and we're here for every bite.

This summer, Dubai residents are trading their sunscreen for souvlaki, drawn to the allure of Greece as it becomes their go-to holiday destination. While dreaming of your sunny Greek holiday, why not get an authentic taste of the cuisine right here in Dubai to get you started? Food holds a special place in the hearts of Greeks, vividly portrayed in pop culture, like in the classic movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Dubai has long embraced the appeal of this Mediterranean cuisine, with several Greek restaurants having been crowd favorites for a while now. We took the opportunity to revisit these beloved spots and sample a variety of dishes, from moussaka and saganaki to dolmadakia and keftedakia. Here’s what we think of them.



Ammos Greek restaurant, a hidden gem tucked away in JBR, may not be the easiest to find, but walking through a labyrinth of corridors could be an adventure worth every step. Once you reach, the venue, set by a sprawling pool and beach club, offers a beautiful sea view that simply takes your breath away. Sunset, with its golden hues kissing the waters, provides the perfect backdrop, making it the ideal time to visit. From the bite-sized delights of fresh grills and mezze to the succulent souvlaki and beautifully plated seafood, every dish is a celebration of flavor and tradition. The lamb chops are a particular standout, meltingly tender and seasoned to perfection, while the Greek salad offers a refreshing burst of tangy feta and crunchy vegetables.

The pasta options, rich and hearty, not only satisfy the palate but also showcase the versatility of Greek culinary artistry. Each dish, skillfully prepared, introduces diners to an authentic and vibrant Mediterranean experience. Just when you think you’ve tasted it all, Ammos surprises with its innovative take on baklava — a flaky, nutty creation with a citrus syrup drizzle. It’s not just a dessert; with wild cherries complementing the citrusy drizzle, it’s the final, delightful touch to a grand Mediterranean feast.


avli by tashas

Restaurateur Natasha Sideris, known for tashas and Flamingo Room, continues her culinary dominance in the city – and we’re not complaining. avli by tashas, another of her acclaimed ventures, resides in DIFC, hosting everyone from Hollywood actors and members of the royal family to those seeking authentic Greek cuisine. We fall into the latter group and have come to the conclusion that avli by tashas is the definitive spot for dining in a big group since the Mezedes section is where the menu truly shines. We enjoyed the ‘Feta Saganaki,’ ‘Ladenia’, and ‘Beetroot Dip’ equally, and were pleasantly surprised by the contrast of crisp potato – as opposed to filo pastry – against spinach purée in the ‘Spanakopita.’

Sampling the seafood here is a must, and it’s the ‘Fried Calamari’ (served with a gorgeous black garlic and squid ink aioli) that we recommend. Over in the meats, opt for the ‘Pastitsio’ which offers a cool, deconstructed take on lamb cannelloni. Oh, and is a Greek meal even complete without gyros? Here, they’re miniature in size but brimming with flavor due to fillings like roasted garlic yogurt and black radish. You absolutely cannot skip dessert on your way out. And if you won’t linger for the decadent ‘Lemon Semifreddo’ – where honeycomb, warm custard, and crumbled biscuits collide – then do it for the ambiance. The music is loud, the lighting is dim, and the décor is inspired by Cycladic art – it feels like a trendy little courtyard in Athens that only the locals are privy to.

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What do 50 Cent and HH Sheikh Hamdan have in common? Not much, except for the fact that both have given Gaia their seal of approval. And why wouldn’t they? It’s arguably the hottest hotspot in town. Led by hospitality giant Evgeny Kuzin and the renowned Chef Izu Ani, this upscale eatery aims to showcase “the true essence of Greek-Mediterranean cuisine” – and it delivers. There’s a clean, contemporary simplicity to both the pared-down decor and the unfussy menu that revolves around the finest ingredients.

Take your time with the starters, arguably the most diverse section. The ‘Cheese Pie’ is more decadent than mundane, courtesy of black truffle and a blend of three different cheeses. Crowd-pleasers come in the form of ‘Tuna with Truffle’ and ‘Prawns Saganaki’, while the ‘Watermelon Salad’ pairs beautifully with the star of the show: the fresh seafood displayed prominently in Gaia’s main dining room. Trust the recommendations of the “Fishelier” with regards to both your choice and the best cooking technique among raw, baked with spiced tomato, charcoal grilled with lemon oil, or steamed in a salt crust. And when it comes to desserts, don’t miss the tempting offerings like the light and crispy ‘Filo Mille Feuille’ and the heavenly homemade frozen yogurt with ‘Loukoumades’. Admittedly, it’s a luxurious experience, so save this one for a special occasion.

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Newly opened restaurant MIYA has discovered the secret ingredient to cooking – love. Its commitment to using the freshest ingredients is evident in every delectable dish they serve, crafted to perfection and shared with friends and guests alike. The charming interior, blending brick walls with blue-and-white flowers, clay pots, statues of Greek gods, and traditional ornaments, creates an inviting atmosphere that enhances the dining experience, while also celebrating Hellenic dining traditions of smashing plates to ward off bad vibes and attract good fortune.

Beyond the delightful décor, it’s the food at MIYA that truly stands out. The mezze options, including ‘MIYA’s Tzatziki’ and ‘Tirokafteri,’ burst with flavor, and the ‘Greek Salad’ is an absolute must-try. The ‘Manouri’ mezze, infused with truffle honey and torched grapes, offers a unique and tantalizing taste. In the main course, the ‘Roasted Octopus’ steals the spotlight with its tenderness and harmonious blend with the vegetable stew. The ‘Beef Souvlaki,’ featuring juicy rib-eye, pairs beautifully with warm bread and a side of portobello mushrooms. And for those with a sweet tooth, the ‘Milhoja’ is a delightful Greek take on the classic mille-feuille, layered with crisp pastry, creamy custard, honey, and crushed pistachios.

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The Opa experience begins before you’ve even stepped foot inside. First, there’s the private elevator that whisks you up, setting the scene with its stone-floor entryway, Grecian blue doors, and a wall mural depicting coastal scenes. Then the doors open, and you’re hit with the scent of jasmine and the sight of bougainvillea. Once through the garden, you’re in the actual restaurant that – in true Greek style – is all white walls with accents of rich, vivid blue.

But it’s not just the dreamy decor that had us hooked; it was the food. We’re still dreaming about the ‘Opa Baklava Sundae’ – it might just be the best dessert in the city. The menu has everything you could possibly want from a traditional Greek eatery: melt-in-the-mouth halloumi with fig and grape dressing, creamy tzatziki with cucumber and dill, freshly baked flatbreads, crispy fried calamari, and feta-topped salads. Confession: we may have enjoyed the starters and small plates so much that we skipped the mains, but we lived vicariously through the platters of fresh fish passing our table. Oh, and the staff delight diners with traditional plate-smashing and Zorba dancing, which you can get up and join – provided you’re not stuffed, that is.


Taverna Greek Kitchen

Having been a beloved crowd favorite for a few years now, Taverna Greek Kitchen at Souk Madinat Jumeirah wholeheartedly embraces its tagline, “come as guests, leave as family,” a reflection of their genuine dedication. It offers a perfect location, picturesque views of stunning waterways, and dreamy décor, all of which, combined with an open-style kitchen, rustic touches, and Mediterranean hues, make for a truly authentic experience. The kitchen, led by Greek chef Theodore Rouvas, who has worked at numerous award-winning restaurants in Europe, has designed a menu centered around sharing – encouraging you to order a variety of meze, cold plates, and salads to whet your appetite. The only problem this poses? They’re all so good that you’ll want them to yourself.

Start with some freshly baked pita and a spread of traditional dips (the rich and creamy ‘Taramosalata’ and garlic-infused ‘Tzatziki’ are not to be missed) before sampling the ‘Ksidato Octopus’ that is braised in vinegar, herbs, and olive oil. Another must-try is the ‘Flaming Cheese Saganaki’, which – as its name suggests – comes complete with flames and a delicious orange marmalade. It’s here that we dined not only on perfectly char-grilled ‘Gulf Prawns’, but also the heartiest ‘Moussaka’ in the city.Just be sure to save room for the ‘Greek Yoghurt Pavlova’ with berries and yogurt ice cream. It would be a shame not to.

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At Zenon, every visit is an adventure in a realm where culinary art meets technology. Architect Davide Algranti's vision brings to life an environment where holograms and dynamic art set the stage for an evening of sensory delights. The walls, adorned with dynamic digital art, create a mesmerizing backdrop that is both captivating and unobtrusive, perfectly complementing the Mediterranean-Asian fusion cuisine. As dusk settles, the space buzzes with energy, transforming into a lively entertainment hub. DJs, adorned with futuristic headgear, spin entrancing tunes, their presence becoming a visual spectacle.

The heart of Zenon beats with a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavors, where each dish is a celebration of taste and craftsmanship. The dishes, akin to culinary artworks, reflect the meticulous attention to detail and passion for flavor of the trio of chefs Lorenzo Buccarini, Tatsuya Ueda, and Thomas Papas. Imagine savoring the Pure Breed Wagyu Striploin, a testament to culinary perfection, or indulging in the playful contrast of flavors in the Rigatoni and Tagliolini. And as the night unfolds, Zenon transforms from a place not just about dining but a place to dance, to live in the moment, a place where every beat and flavor is a product of creative progression.

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