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The (Absolute) Best Fountain-View Restaurants in Dubai
by Savoir Flair 6-minute read November 23, 2023

Feast your eyes (and your appetite) at Dubai's best fountain-view restaurants.


In Dubai, dining isn’t just about what’s on the plate; it’s about the show outside your window. This list is for those who know that the best seasoning for any meal is a jaw-dropping view of the Dubai Fountain. Forget about “good table manners.” Here, it’s perfectly fine to gasp and point between bites. We’re talking about restaurants where the fountains put on a Broadway-level performance, and you’ve got front-row seats. From swanky eateries where the waterworks are as meticulously crafted as your sushi roll, to chic bistros where the fountain’s splash is the perfect cooldown for your spicy tagine. Grab your forks and your phones — at these fountain-view restaurants, you’re in for a feast that’s as much a treat for your eyes as it is for your taste buds.



Located inside the world’s tallest building, Armani/Hashi is a scene-stealer with a flair for the dramatic. Here, dining al fresco gets a glamorous upgrade with front-row seats to the Dubai Fountains’ musical show. The menu is all about small portions with big flavors, inviting you to sample some of the best Japanese dishes in the city. Start with the Wagyu Tataki, a blend of flavors on a bed of greens, or venture into the daring with quick-seared Salmon Filet topped with truffles. As the fountain performs its half-hourly aquatic spectacle, don’t miss the dessert menu’s crown jewel: a Mango Brulee that’s a treat in itself. At Armani/Hashi, every bite competes with the view for your attention, creating an evening where the city’s heart beats in sync with the rhythm of your dining experience.

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GIA, tucked away in a quiet corner at Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, is where Italian chic meets the urban oasis of Dubai. It’s a spot that transforms from a bustling breakfast favorite to an evening spectacle with its prime view of the Dubai Fountain. Imagine unwinding on a petite yet stylish terrace, savoring rustic Italian dishes, as you recover from a shopping spree that almost had your credit card waving a white flag. The interior is a relaxed haven, a stark contrast to the mall’s frenetic energy. Here, the starters shine bright - think juicy Polpo al Limone with cauliflower purée and berries. While salads might be a common pick, the real stars are the pastas, like the Tagliolini Cacio e Pepe, topped with freshly cracked black pepper, tossed in a tangy parmesan wheel. And let’s not forget the sides – from snappy broccolini with garlic and chili to spinach so good, it could convert the most ardent of carnivores.


Japanese restaurant KATA is flipping the script on mall dining with its Tokyo-inspired swagger and a side of Dubai Fountain views. It’s a place to be seen, with its red perspex accents and an eye-catching wall mural that’s begging for a spot on your Instagram feed. Inside, there are velvet chairs for the cozy, leather booths for the lively, all under the watchful eye of a geisha. This restaurant dishes out more than just your typical sashimi and maki rolls; it's an edible journey through Japan with a Dubai twist. Try the Yellowtail Carpaccio, flirt with Salmon Tataki, or get adventurous with Crispy Short Ribs and tacos that are anything but ordinary. The mains are no afterthought either – think Lamb Chops and a Wagyu Truffle Rice Pot that might just have you forgetting you’re in a mall. KATA is truly a scene-stealer with fountain views that turn dining into an event. So, if you’re looking for a Japanese food fix with flair, KATA is where you’ll want to drop your shopping bags and pick up your chopsticks.

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Located on the first floor of The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, Open Flame Kitchen (OFK) redefines mall dining with a stylish, culinary flair. This isn't your average mall restaurant; it’s a gastronomic spectacle featuring a trio of international grills — Latin American parrilla, North Indian tandoor, and Japanese robata — each adding its unique zing to the menu. The vibe inside is sleek, minimal, with a touch of kitchen voyeurism, thanks to its partly visible glass-walled section. If you manage to snag a seat on the terrace, prepare for a visual feast of the Dubai Fountains. OFK turns the simple act of dining into a multi-sensory experience, where the sizzle of the grill competes with the dazzle of the musical fountain show. It’s the kind of place you hit up to impress a date or unwind after a shopping-related workout, offering everything from bite-sized sushi to indulgent wagyu ribs. In a mall where fashion reigns supreme, OFK stands out as a runway of flavors, proving that in Dubai, even mall dining can be a fashion statement.

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The Tap House Downtown

The Tap House in Downtown Dubai is the new kid on the block, looking to make its mark under the glittering shadow of the Burj Khalifa. Known for its Palm Jumeirah roots, this Souk Al Bahar newcomer brings an industrial-chic vibe, with a sprinkling of TV screens paying homage to its signature aesthetics. Yet, it’s the outdoor terrace that steals the show, offering a dazzling view of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain, turning any casual meet-up into a backdrop-worthy affair. Food-wise, The Tap House plays the field, serving an eclectic mix that caters to all. Think shareable nachos, calamari, and tacos for laid-back gatherings, or amp up the occasion with their crowd-pleasing wagyu burger and a lobster roll. The menu spans the spectrum from daily fish specials and hearty pasta dishes to pub classics, ensuring there’s something for every craving. It’s a place that tries to stand out with a mix of sports screens, table games, and special deals, attempting to carve its niche in an area already bustling with culinary heavy-hitters. While The Tap House may have some tough competition in the vibrant Souk Al Bahar scene, it holds its own with a combination of variety, ambiance, and that unbeatable terrace view. 



Renowned restaurant Thiptara brings a whole new meaning to Thai dining, set against a killer backdrop of the Dubai Fountains. This restaurant isn’t shy about flaunting its location — and why should it be when you’re dining practically inside a fountain show? The menu serves up Thai favorites with flair, like the Green Curry that’s a solid hit, especially when teamed up with the Burnt Garlic Fried Rice. And let’s talk about the Crispy Fried Sea Bass – it’s the kind of dish you’ll daydream about making at home. Inside, Thiptara has a cool, relaxed vibe, but if you book in advance, we recommend getting a table on the terrace. It is where the magic happens, with views that turn a great meal into a memorable one. With its romantic setting and stunning views, it’s also the perfect spot for an intimate dinner or even popping the question — because nothing says “YES!” quite like a fountain show backdrop.

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Urla in Downtown Dubai isn’t just mixing Aegean with Arabian flavors; it’s throwing a culinary party right under the twinkling lights of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains. The interior is where rustic chic meets urban cool, transforming from a chill day spot to a buzzing evening hangout as the sun dips. Here, every dish is an adventure – take the Kiwami Wagyu Carpaccio, which is a perfect conversation starter. And the Shrimp Kiss? As cheeky and delightful as its name suggests. The Tulum Cheese Erişte is a culinary plot twist, and the Golden Torrija for dessert? That's Urla dropping the mic. This spot is the epitome of Dubai-style dining – effortlessly swanky and perfect for those nights when you want your dinner served with a side of skyline sparkle.

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