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Savoir Flair’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Facials in Dubai
by Savoir Flair 10-minute read January 10, 2024

You, and your skin, can thank us later.

In the realm of self-care, discovering the perfect facial treatment becomes a fulfilling adventure. Whether you're seeking a radiant boost to counter dullness, a revitalizing experience to recharge your spirits, or a serene deep cleanse to shed daily stress, rest assured that there's always a tailored solution to address your skin's unique needs. 

Savoir Flair editors have personally tried and tested a range of options to round up the city's best facials, ensuring that you're in for a treat that not only transforms your skin but also offers a rejuvenating escape from the daily grind. As you immerse yourself in these restorative sessions, remember that the benefits extend beyond the mirror – your skin will show its gratitude, and your overall well-being will relish the pampering.

Editor’s Note: As we continue to explore and review more establishments, we’ll keep adding to this list throughout the year. 


Carbon Laser Facial at Skin Laundry

Skin Laundry basically invented laser facials, or at least, they made them a thing. The concept recently landed in Dubai all the way from California, offering every kind of laser facial for every skin concern under the sun. Whether your concern is fine lines, acne, damaged skin cells, sun damage, melasma, hyperpigmentation…we can go on. You name it, Skin Laundry’s laser facials can fix it. Don’t believe us? Check out the mind-blowing before and after photos on their website. And the treatments only take about 15 minutes, so anyone can fit laser facials into their schedules, no matter how busy they are. We tried the carbon laser facial, ideal for acne-prone and oily skin. You can watch the experience in the TikTok, here.

As it is literally a "laundry", you need to be consistent to be able to see real results. This is exactly why Skin Laundry has a membership system. There are three types of memberships, all of which allow you to get huge price cuts on laser facials. For example, the Renew package costs AED995 per month and gives you two laser facials, Signature (AED800), Fractional (AED1,200), or Carbon (AED1,045), as well as discounts on add-ons and additional treatments. With the two facials alone, you’re basically getting two treatments for the price of one with the membership.

Price upon appointment
Skin Laundry
ICD Brookfield Place, 312 Al Mustaqbal Street, Dubai
(+971) 4 244 7450

article RESYNC

Cryo T-Shock Facial at RESYNC

If you're anything like me, facials aren't a regular indulgence, mainly because my skin is sensitive, and I'm particular about what I expose it to. However, the Cryo T-Shock Face Lifting at Resync caught my eye. After all, I use an ice roller every morning, so why not take it up a notch? Dubbed the "red carpet facial," this is the treatment A-listers opt for before big events.

The Cryo T-Shock is no ordinary facial; it's a non-invasive treatment that uses cold therapy to smooth lines, stimulate collagen production, and give your skin that coveted healthy glow. The results were nothing short of transformative. I didn't just feel refreshed—I looked it. My pores seemed to have taken a day off, and my face and jawline appeared more sculpted instantly.

The best part? I strutted straight into the office post-treatment with zero downtime. No redness, no marks, just an immediately fresh face that had me ready for any close-up. The benefits are abundant: think fewer wrinkles, brighter and more rejuvenated skin, reduced puffiness, and even less visible fatty deposits. It's safe to say, the Cryo T-Shock Face Lifting has earned its red carpet reputation, and I'm thoroughly sold.

DMK Enzyme Therapy at 11/11 Aesthetic Clinic

Self-care can take shape in a variety of ways, and for some of us, getting a facial is one of the best ways to rejuvenate both physically and mentally. At 11/11 Aesthetic Clinic, the team takes pride in its nurturing environment as much as it does in its expertise and state-of-the-art facilities. Translation: clients can expect effective treatments, as well as personalized care with compassion and respect. On a recent visit to the clinic, I was treated to its exclusive DMK Enzyme Therapy facial. The concept is simple — the treatment focuses on the skin’s long-term health, not on quick fixes. Prior to any facial, you will get to have a private discussion with the skincare therapist who will address your specific concerns and target areas. The bespoke facial starts with a thorough cleansing, followed by gentle extractions, and soothed with a Vitamin C and pore reduction serum. To promote blood circulation, oxygenation, and lymphatic drainage, the signature ‘Enzyme Therapy Masque’ is applied for 15 to 30 minutes. As the most essential part of the process, the mask is designed to remove dead cell build-up and detoxify the skin. Its unique formula combines lifting and peeling properties, leaving you with a fresh, radiant post­-treatment glow. The facial is finished with Seba E hydrating oil, a herbal and mineral mist, SPF. By the end of this calming and luxurious facial, you will notice a brighter, smoother complexion that lasts for weeks, rather than mere hours.

Price upon appointment
11/11 Aesthetic Clinic
Villa 4, Kazim Villas, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1
(+971) 4 297 5059

article 11/11 AESTHETIC CLINIC
article BROWNS & CO

Face Sculpt at Browns & Co.

Browns & Co., a brand new Balearic beauty escape in Al Wasl, is the dreamy oasis where I had the best facial of my life. After years of reviewing facials for Savoir Flair, I braced myself for the worst when I signed up for Browns & Co.’s Face Sculpt facial. Typically, face sculpting is a painful process, where your face and underlying muscles are intensely massaged, prodded, and scraped with various tools and implements. But Browns & Co. puts to rest the notion that you have to suffer for beauty. Instead, in the capable hands of my therapist, my skin was gently stimulated, exfoliated, oxygenated, and hydrated. It was so soothing I almost fell asleep. My tension melted away as she started with a steam cleanse and exfoliating scrub, followed by a firm but gentle face sculpting massage that enacted lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness in my face. The best part by far was the hot Gua Sha massage, followed by the application of a micro current device, a mask, and ice rollers. The facial finished with the 001 Skincare London Alpha Glow facial serum to seal in hydration. As I blissfully floated out of the room, I checked my reflection and noticed my cheekbones looked higher and more pronounced, my jawline was chiseled, and my face looked slimmer and healthier. 

AED1,000 for 60 minutes
Browns & Co.
343 Al Wasl Road
(+971) 58 581 4243


Glycolic Peel at Skin Experts Polyclinic

Newly opened Skin Experts Polyclinic is a one-stop-shop for every kind of patient. With a multi-specialty team of physicians focused on advanced skincare, plastic surgery, dental care, and functional wellbeing, you can find virtually any treatment you need at this clinic. We now have the privilege of having renowned Lebanese dermatologist Dr. Dany Touma available in Dubai for any and all skincare concerns including plastic surgery, laser hair removal, and injectables.

I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Touma for a consultation and as we were discussing my skincare and aging concerns, I could tell that he wasn’t looking at me thinking about what he can do to my face. His goal is to make you feel confident enough about your skin that you won’t want to put makeup on. I had the glycolic peel treatment, which targets fine wrinkles and acne scars. There is virtually no recovery period for glycolic peels, only a few hours during which your face might be red. Your skin does not shed like with harsher peels, so it’s perfect for giving your skin the reset it needs without disrupting your plans. My skin is the smoothest it’s ever been and I can’t wait for my next appointment.

Skin Experts Polyclinic
Villa 261, Jumeirah Beach Road
(+971) 4 323 0030

article BROWZ

HydraFacial at Browz

With one of the most stunning beauty clinics in all of Dubai, Browz is a one-stop shop for everything from the decolletage up. Founded in 2016 by internationally recognized Creative Artist Michele Barclay, Browz now has locations in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Focused on semi-permanent makeup, results-driven facials, and of course, perfect brows, the skilled aestheticians at Browz are passionate about helping you put your best face forward. With the ultimate HydraFacial experience appearing on the menu as its newest offering, I headed to Browz to give my parched summer skin some extra love. The facial started with detoxification through firm lymphatic drainage, then deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a soothing infusion of hydrating Natura Bissé products. The treatment finished with LED light therapy to help reduce visible signs of aging, and its warming light had my skin humming by the end. The gorgeous setting, soothing treatment (save for the extractions; that’s always my least favorite part), and the fact that my skin was visibly plumper and tighter after I left had me planning my next treatment before I had even exited the building.

AED1,000 for 60 minutes
Al Wasl Road Opposite ENOC Petrol Station
(+971) 50 841 4289


HydraFacial MD® at Aesthetics International

I am super lucky to try amazing facials as part of my job, and I don’t take that for granted. When people ask for recommendations for the best facial I’ve had in Dubai, I always point them to Aesthetics International. This quiet clinic, tucked away on a row of similar buildings on Al Wasl, is home to one of the best HydraFacial around. HydraFacials are an amazing value for your dirham, because the results last 4-6 weeks. That means over a month of glowing skin, for the cost of one facial. Aesthetics International uses the patented HydraFacial developed by Dr. Paul Nassif (yes, the one of RHOBH and Botched fame) that gently cleanses and exfoliates while simultaneously pumping your skin full of moisture. With exfoliation, dead skin cells are removed, allowing new ones to come to the surface. Since HydraFacials exfoliate and then blast your skin with hydrating serums, it guarantees that the new cell turnover – prompted by exfoliation – will be plump with moisture. This is the secret to why the results last so long. At Aesthetics International, the overall steps are similar to most HydraFacials, but applied with a gentle touch, followed by blue light and red light LED therapy. The results are absolutely incredible.

AED788 for 60 minutes
Aesthetics International
Utamah Villa # 1049c,
Intersection of Al Wasl Rd & Al Thanya Rd
(+971) 4 384 5600

Oxygen Infusion Therapy at Sumi Skin

Are you looking for a beauty reset? Head to Sumi Skin to harness the power of Japanese therapy and the best of Korean tech for your skincare regimen. Located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, the salon welcomes guests with cozy Japanese-style interiors and welcome treats. Before choosing a treatment, every guest is offered a free in-depth skin analysis, where experts determine not only what's happening on the surface but also what lies beneath the dermis to provide a tailored treatment. After a thorough examination of our skin – which was, at the time, battling dehydration and angry breakouts – we were recommended the Oxygen Infusion Therapy. The therapist explained that this treatment is a specialized skin therapy designed to replenish hydration levels and stimulate collagen production. Oxygen also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce the appearance of acne and other blemishes. After being gently cleansed and toned, our skin was layered with moisturizing, vitamin-rich serums. Using a specialized device, the therapist sprayed a dose of nourishing oxygen onto our dermis. The facial treatment also included a relaxing hand and foot massage, leaving us rejuvenated.

Price upon appointment
Sumi Skin
JLT, Cluster X
(+971) 58 576 8700

article SUMI SKIN

OxyJet Leo at Biolite Aesthetic Clinic

Inside Biolite Aesthetic Clinic’s friendly, stylish, and bustling atmosphere in Umm Suqiem, we experienced the new ‘OxyJet Leo’ facial and walked away with ‘glass’ skin. Originally created to treat children with eczema who required the effects of hydration to last longer, this facial injects biologically active preparations into your skin with medical-grade oxygen. Although the word “injects” might seem invasive, this treatment isn’t just gentle, it feels amazing. First, you’re given a soothing exfoliating treatment, followed by hydrating serums that are pushed deep into your dermis with cool blasts of rejuvenating oxygen. All the products used during the facial are plant-based, safe for sensitive skin and pregnant or nursing mothers, and contain no silicon or parabens. The penultimate step includes a face mask and a 10-15 minute session under blue LED light, followed by cooling cryo-oxygen application, and a final serum. Your skin will instantly feel thoroughly cleansed, fresher, and bouncier, plus the regenerative nature of the treatment means you’ll see results for weeks to come.

AED1,260 for 60 minutes
Biolite Aesthetic Clinic
57 Al Thanya St, Umm Suqeim
(+971) 04 346 6641

article CIEL SPA

Platinum HydraFacial at Ciel Spa

One glance at Ciel Spa on Instagram, and I couldn’t wait to try this spot in the recently opened SLS Dubai Hotel. It is utterly gorgeous, serene, and sun-soaked, sitting on the 69th floor of the hotel with an incredible view of the city below. In person, the spa does not disappoint. The staff were so friendly and professional, greeting me by name when I arrived, and offering a mango cookie and a refreshing tea while I filled out the first-time visitor forms. Then I was whisked away into a quiet treatment room, and greeted by an adorable rubber duck, (he’s the hotel’s mascot), who would be my “companion” during the treatment. While my new duck friend looked on, I was treated to a 90-minute hydrafacial that was so soothing that I nearly fell asleep (several times). The three-step hydrafacial includes cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing skin with intensive Natura Bissé serums, with a mask applied as the second-to-last step. As the mask set on my face, my aesthetician lulled me back into a state of stupor with an incredible scalp and shoulder massage. Afterward, the mask was removed and was replaced by LED light therapy, which tingled and warmed my skin (in a good way). My Ciel Spa experience was what spa dreams are made of, and with such an inviting space and lovely staff, I was tempted to check into the hotel and never leave.

AED1,250 for 90 minutes
Ciel Spa
Level 69, SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences
(+971) 04 607 0757

article SHISEIDO

Shiseido Lifting & Firming Facial

I’m the kind of person who, when booking a facial, expects something beyond what my bathroom cabinet and a video tutorial can offer. I’m talking about professional-grade products and tools not available for personal purchase, combined with expert massage techniques that are clearly the result of years of practice.

So, when the opportunity to try Shiseido’s Lifting & Firming Facial came up, I was intrigued. It promised not just a routine skincare treatment, but an experience steeped in Shiseido’s rich heritage, combined with some seriously advanced skin analysis technology. I mean, a Skin Visualizer consultation that can read my skin’s needs without even touching my face? That’s the kind of high-tech wizardry I'm here for.

Starting with a gentle cleanse using the Foaming Cleanser, I could tell this wasn’t going to be your average slap-on-a-mask-and-call-it-a-day kind of deal. My therapist deftly applied each product, from the Eudermine Vital Perfection Serum to the deeply hydrating Vital-Perfection Face Mask. And the massage — simply remarkable! It expertly targeted every tension spot, easing away the signs of stress and fatigue. After applying the final touch of SPF 50, the therapist recommended a few gems to keep the glow going: the Shiseido Ultimune Serum, Overnight Cream Vital Perfection, White Lucent Overnight Cream, Vital Perfection Under Eye Cream, and Eudermine. Weeks later, my skin was still glowing; it felt lifted, firmer, as if I’d turned back the clock a few years. This was the kind of facial that sets the bar — and let’s just say, my bathroom shelf has some catching up to do.

AED275 for 30 minutes
AED490 for 60 minutes 
Shiseido Ginza Tokyo
Ground Floor, Mall of the Emirates
(+971) 4 228 3382

Supreme Ultrasonic Facial Lift at The Spa Address Sky View

Beyond the sprawling cityscape, the impeccable service, and the serene decor at The Spa at Address Sky View, it’s the results-driven services that keep us coming back. The Spa’s Supreme Ultrasonic Facial Lift uses the scientifically advanced, 100 percent organic skincare range by Team D’Joseph in combination with ultrasonic frequencies to painlessly achieve a lifting effect. The treatment begins with a soothing cleansing step, followed by an enzyme exfoliant, and facial steaming that opens the pores. After this, the ultrasonic device comes into play, starting with a peeling step and then lifting, working over the skin in sections to lift and contour. Finally, the skin is plumped and refreshed with anti-aging hyaluronic acid, an algae treatment peel-off mask, and a final layer of ‘Ultra Intense’ hyaluronic cream for a glow that lasts long after the service is over.

AED950 for 80 minutes
The Spa at Address Sky View
Emaar Square Area, Downtown Dubai
(+971) 04 873 8888

article FACETTE

The Supernova at Facette

Get ready for a ride. ‘The Supernova’ facial at Facette Facial bar is intense, but it’s so effective that it takes years off of your face. Facette is the very first facial bar concept in the UAE, located in a new, modern space in Business Bay. Focusing on facials and facials only, they are the city’s foremost experts when it comes to non-invasive, super-effective treatments. The Supernova, as its name might suggest, is a powerful facial that gets deep into your dermis to promote collagen growth, cell regeneration, and triggers your body to oxygenate from within for long-lasting results.

Oxygeneo technology is the key to this facial, and a hand wand is used that suctions and exfoliates your skin, which forces oxygen-rich blood to the surface. It starts off with an easy tingle and escalates to a scorching feeling that is just this side of tolerable. Multiple hydrating serums are applied to the surface, followed by a “slugging” mask that is slathered all over your face (including your eyes) leaving your nostrils free to breathe. It is cooling and soothing and peels off easily after it dries. When I looked at my face after the treatment, I nearly dropped the mirror. A younger version of myself was staring back. The deep lines around my nasal-labial folds were completely gone, the lines between my brows were erased, the tiny wrinkles around my eyes had evaporated. It looked like I had just gotten a face lift! If you want a radically good facial, book your appointment at Facette now. Slots fill up fast. For good reason.

AED 899 for 75 minutes
Facette Facial Bar
Millennium Atria Business Bay, Shop 10 & 11
(+971) 50 404 9329

Zelens 3D Facial at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Battling fine lines, signs of aging, dehydration, and the ever-present effects of stress on my skin, I turned to Nikki Beach Resort & Spa for a potential solution. Upon examining my skin, the therapist highly recommended their signature treatment, the Zelens 3D Facial. The treatment began with a thorough skin analysis, during which the aesthetician gauged the depth of my skin's dehydration and assessed the visible signs of aging, ensuring a customized approach for my session. What sets the Zelens 3D facial apart is its specialized focus on collagen stimulation, utilizing a unique combination of advanced tools and potent serums to effectively target deeper skin layers. Notably, the procedure was not only relaxing but also entirely painless, adding to the overall positive experience.

The results post-procedure were distinctly noticeable. Fine lines seemed diminished, presenting a smoother skin surface. The hydration component was transformative; my skin, which had previously felt parched, was now deeply nourished and visibly radiant. The Zelens 3D Facial stands out not just for its immediate benefits, but for the lasting vibrancy and suppleness it delivers.

AED800 for 60 minutes
AED1,300 for 90 minutes
Nikki Spa
Nikki Beach Resort & Spa
(+971) 4 376 6150

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