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Get Whiskered Away (Sorry, We Had to) in Dubai's Best Cat Cafes
by Xandi Eleazar 3-minute read August 8, 2023

If cats could text you back, they wouldn't.


In the world of furry friends, cats often stir the pot of opinion. While memes might paint them as cunning overlords, suggesting you don’t truly own a cat — rather, the cat owns you — cat aficionados everywhere, without hesitation, pledge their undying devotion to these enigmatic creatures. After all, there’s a reason felines have been historically worshipped in various cultures and mythologies, revered as divine symbols or powerful deities.

In honor of International Cat Day, and for those who bow down (or have been charmed) by our whiskered companions, let’s dive into the list of the best cat cafes in the UAE. Because if there’s one thing cat lovers and skeptics can agree on, it’s that a purring cat beside a cup of coffee is pure magic.



Umm Suqeim

Ailuromania offers more than just your average coffee buzz. As the Middle East’s first-ever cat café, it perfectly blends aromatic coffee with feline charm. It’s the ideal spot for cat lovers, those navigating a ‘no-pets’ rental situation, or anyone in need of a quiet purr with their latte. And, if your coffee date goes well, you might even find a furry friend to adopt. Keep an ear out for their occasional events; there’s always something brewing beyond the coffee.



Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Meowtropolis is where cappuccinos meet cat charisma amidst chic interiors. It’s not just a cafe; it’s where feline charm brews alongside your favorite coffee and delectable pastries and cakes. As visitors sip and savor, it’s impossible to resist the allure of resident celebrities like Zuzu, Simba, Theo, and their fur-tastic entourage. Want a pro tip? Purchase a cat treat from the counter, and watch how you instantly climb their favorite-human chart. Each of these whiskered stars brings a dash of whimsy, be it through a playful chase, a cozy curl-up, or a purrfect plea for attention.


Cat Café Vibrissae

Al Safa Park Complex and Mirdif 35

Cat Cafe Vibrissae serves up lattes and cat-loving vibes in equal measure. Dreamt up by passionate cat enthusiasts, it’s a space where every purr and espresso steam feels perfectly harmonized. Every nook is thoughtfully designed for both human guests and their furry counterparts to bask in comfort. Their core mission? Championing the well-being of the resident cats and promoting a shared compassion for all beings. Step inside, and soon, you’re not just a guest — you’re part of a community that treasures every whiskered moment.


The Cat Café


Located in Arjan, just a hop away from the Miracle Garden, The Cat Café offers excellent coffee paired with furry affection. This spot is home to a variety of feline personalities, including fancy purebreds, many of whom are hoping to find their forever homes. The cats’ health and well-being are top priority here. Regular pampering sessions, vaccinations, and spa treatments ensure they’re always in perfect shape. If they need a break from humans, there’s a cozy nook designed just for them. And, in the rare instance a kitty feels under the weather, the Amity Veterinary Clinic ensures it’s back on its paws in no time.


Meow Café

Abu Dhabi

If you’re considering a detour to Abu Dhabi, Meow Café should definitely be on your itinerary. It comes with an interesting backstory. This charming cafe was conceptualized by a determined 10-year-old girl. After facing age restrictions at cat cafés overseas, she thought, “Why not have an inclusive place right here?” Motivated by her feline fondness, she created a space where everyone is welcome, regardless of age. Meow Café’s mission is clear: to celebrate the allure of cats and foster a community where everyone can experience the joy of feline companionship. So, if you’re in the capital, pop by; a feline friend with a tail (or tale) awaits.

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