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Where to Find the (Absolute) Best Burgers in Dubai
by Savoir Flair 3-minute read February 27, 2023

We have 99 #DubaiProblems, but a good burger isn’t one.

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While the burger’s origin remains ambiguous, this easy and satisfying meal has been a staple around the world for decades. In Dubai, the humble burger is elevated to gourmet status, with many outlets adding their own twist, such as homemade sauces and buns, while others ramp things up with different types of patties.

Hungry yet? Savoir Flair scoured the city for the most decadent, outrageously delicious burgers in Dubai, and here are our favorites.

Bite Me Burger

Bite Me Burger at DIFC is a retro-themed venue through and through — it’s cozy, laid-back, and very unassuming. What it does, however, is perfect the classic favorites that it offers: hot dogs, shakes, and of course, burgers. Their delightful mini burgers, which you can customize with different types of patties and toppings, fit perfectly between your finger and thumb. Variety is the name of the game here, with options ranging from classic beef and crispy chicken to battered cod and plant-based. You can get one, a few, or treat your crew (or yourself, no judgment here) to a massive box!


Black Tap

With outlets located in some of the busiest areas in Dubai, such as JBR and Mall of the EmiratesBlack Tap definitely knows how to make a great first impression. The popular burger joint – which hails from New York City – is famous for its indulgent craft burgers and extravagant milkshakes. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll realize that everything is worth the hype. Burger aficionados should not miss the mouthwatering Truffle Burger. Fluffy potato rolls are stuffed with a juicy Wagyu beef patty, topped with smoked gouda, baby arugula, truffle-yuzu vinaigrette, and smeared with black truffle mayo. Complete your Black Tap experience with an over-the-top massive Crazy Shake of your choice!


Dave's Hot Chicken

If you’re looking for one of the best burgers in Dubai, you can’t miss Dave’s Hot Chicken, the famous LA street food brand endorsed by Drake. Its chicken burgers are known for being juicy and tender, with a range of spice levels to suit every taste. Whether you’re feeling brave and want to try the reaper heat level or prefer something milder, each bite is bursting with flavor that perfectly complements their crispy fries and cooling coleslaw.

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High Joint

This tiny little establishment is definitely a local favorite, and has quickly started spreading to new locations because of how delicious it is. The menu may be limited, but honestly, when you know how to do one thing perfectly, why bother expanding? The burger patties are freshly minced Angus beef with various toppings, but what wins our burger-loving hearts are the homemade sauces slathered onto the buns. Think buffalo sauce, bacon and shallot jam, ranch, honey-mustard, signature BBQ sauce and a sour mango coleslaw that is out of this world. Our personal favorites switch between the ‘High Jamz’ burger with the addicting bacon jam and the ‘Spicy Mango Slaw’, which is an overnight buttermilk-brined chicken sandwich tossed with pepperjack cheese, jalapeños, buffalo sauce, and that sour mango slaw.



The flavorful Inkognito smoked chorizo burger, which highlights its signature Wagyu beef patty topped with crispy chorizo, caramelized onions, romaine lettuce, smoked sauce, and perfectly melted Emmental cheese, is a straightforward, mouthwatering burger worth swooning over. Looking for something vegan-friendly? The restaurant also offers the ‘Impossible’ and the ‘Tindle’ variety, which are made with plant-based ingredients. Inkognito was founded by the trailblazing team behind Inked, a homegrown culinary concept known for its innovative dining experiences and pop-ups in Dubai, so you’re assured of a high-quality and truly satisfying meal.


Joe’s Backyard

We’re not suggesting you trek all the way to Jumeirah Islands Clubhouse every single time you’re craving a delicious burger, but honestly, it’s a very good idea. As one of the city’s best-kept hidden gems, the laid-back Joe’s Backyard offers a selection of the most outrageously delicious burgers in town. We recommend the Joe’s Smokehouse burger, which is packed with layers of tangy and meaty goodness, thanks to its perfectly grilled beef patty, aged cheddar cheese, and house signature sauce. With a subtle hint of fried onions topped on the beef for maximum flavor, this variant is every burger purist’s dream. Pair that with a side of hand-cut fries for that much-needed comfort-food fix.

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Perfectly seasoned, crispy, crackly chicken skin, surrounding juicy meat, sour hints of dill pickle and lettuce, tangy signature comeback sauce, packed into perfectly chewy potato bread — what more can you ask for? With Pickl’s famous Chicken Sando burger, you can’t go wrong. Pair that with a salted caramel milkshake and feel all your troubles melt away.



Some may think that reinventing the classic burger is not ideal. But what if it means pairing two layers of smashed-and-chucked beef patty with unexpected additions like streaks of beef bacon, smokey barbecue sauce, oh la la secret sauce, crispy-fried onions, slawed cucumbers, and gooey melted cheese? Consider us sold. The first burger we tried at SLAW was the chef-recommended BBQ Cheeseburger and we couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. Whether you prefer the traditional flavor or crave a more adventurous style, give your taste buds a treat and head over to SLAW. Sinking your teeth into these burgers will surely be a messy affair, all thanks to the juicy meat and generous amount of toppings and sauces, but believe us when we say it is absolutely worth it.

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