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7 Beauty Looks from the Fall 2024 Runways That Will Make You Do a Double Take
by Mimi Droeshout 5-minute read March 11, 2024

From anime-inspired toupées to a kaleidoscope of colors, the runways were bursting with creativity.


Marc Jacobs

On the Marc Jacobs runway, a beauty time capsule bursts open, spilling forth a twisted homage to 60s glamour — think Diana Ross' Supremes era, but make it spidery, with lashes coated in black nail polish for a dense, dramatic flair. The complexion was a matte masterpiece, contoured in taupe and highlighted in spectral white, sculpting the face into something statuesque and otherworldly. Hairstylist Duffy’s 108 voluminous wigs echo the exaggerated, disco-infused proportions of the era, bringing a touch of Sharon Tate-blonde to a palette of excess. It's a beauty look that's both a tribute and a tease, a retro reverie reimagined with Marc Jacobs’ signature modern twist.

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Noir Kei Ninomiya

At the Noir Kei Ninomiya show, it's as if a prism split open, spilling iridescent dreams onto the models. Makeup maven Kakuyasu Uchiide's asymmetrical pastel fantasia danced across the models' faces and whimsically waltzed onto the ears, playing with light and shadow like a canvas of the morning sky. Fresh, dewy skin set the stage for a rainbow of shadows, framing the eyes with the daydream of a punk-rock rainbow. Ryoji Imaizumi’s hairstyling screams 'punk' with a whimsical twist; like an art teacher decided to let loose at a pop-art exhibit.

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Ann Demeulemeester

At Ann Demeulemeester, the beauty look and direction for the show whispered a tale of grunge reimagined, a serene rebellion against the polished and the pristine. Eyes were ensnared by a storm of smoky kohl, a deliberate messiness that added depth and a hint of danger. The skin was pale, ethereal, untouched by sun or artifice, a ghostly canvas for the dark, poetic drama playing out around the eyes. Hair tousled and teased, as if caught in a perpetual gust of wind, crowned the look with an air of wild elegance — just enough dishevelment to challenge the beauty status quo.

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Germanier's runway beauty is an exquisite irony, turning the convention of piercings on its head by adorning the models with gems where metal would traditionally lay. They gems caught the light in a symphony of sparkles that echoed the iridescent sheen of the dresses. It was a play of elegance against edge, as each gemstone sits with intention, winking at the rebellious spirit of body art while reflecting the opulence of the collection. The hair, slicked back with purposeful precision, acted as a glossy canvas that ensured all eyes were on the jewel-encrusted artistry of the face. 

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Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha's Fall 2024 collection weaves an intricate narrative of mourning and celebration, where gothic romance blooms in tandem with an immaculate sartorial precision. In this elegiac procession, the models' faces carry whispers of couture past, with rose stems curving where brows once were, hand-painted by Thomas de Kluyver in a poignant ode to Rocha's thematic tapestry. These reimagined blooms, set against pale, ethereal complexions, captured the essence of Rocha's collection — mourning's beauty and celebration's shadow, encapsulated. The runway became a theater of memory and metamorphosis, where each detail, from roses encased in tulle to the blossoming eyebrows, spoke of Rocha's artistry.

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Coperni's beauty ethos for the Fall/Winter 2024 collection seems to have been teleported straight from a sleek spacecraft, destined to make contact with the runway. The makeup — a minimalist, almost otherworldly aesthetic — mirrored the NASA-infused technology that threads through the collection's Air Swipe bag. With skin as luminous as the surface of a celestial body and facial features subtly highlighted as if kissed by the cosmos, the models looked like the epitome of space-age elegance. This celestial visage, coupled with the collection's technologically advanced fabrics, presented a futuristic tableau where fashion and beauty meet the final frontier.

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In the galaxy of Loewe, the beauty is a playful paradox — boyish yet futuristic, with a neon manga vibrance that radiates from the runway. Hairstylist Guido Palau, in collaboration with creative director Jonathan Anderson, channels a 'cartoony' vibe, juxtaposing sleek anime-inspired bowl cuts with a vibrant pop of lagoon blue bangs. The natural allure of the models was subtly amplified by makeup artist Pat McGrath’s ‘hyper-real modern portraiture,' ensuring each face was a study in individuality; untouched yet enhanced.

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