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“Stand up for Your Muslim Friends”: Bella Hadid Calls for Solidarity with Hijabi Women
by Jana Shakhashir 1-minute read February 21, 2022

Bella Hadid advocates solidarity with hijabi women amidst renewed hijab controversies in India and France. The model's social media statements address the challenges faced by Muslim women in the fashion industry.


The war on hijabs is not a novel phenomenon, with hijab bans being proposed by lawmakers and hijabi women being discriminated against and subjected to hate crimes for as long as we can remember. Once again, the hijab is at the center of great controversy this month, especially in Karnataka, India, where Muslim girls are being forced to remove their headscarves before entering school grounds, and in France, where the government is proposing a hijab ban in sports events.

Almost simultaneously, the balaclava has emerged as the latest headwear trend, creating a debate on social media regarding its uncanny resemblance to the Islamic headscarf and society's double standards for deeming one fashion-forward and the other oppressive and political. The balaclava has most recently been spotted all over New York Fashion Week, including in the Proenza Schouler show, where Bella Hadid was notably featured sporting the accessory.

Hadid is known to be vocal about her beliefs on social media and has recently released statements about the hijab, calling for solidarity with hijabi women among the rising tensions around the headscarf. In the posts, she comments on the controversy behind the accessory, in particular, saying, “If we are seeing more and more appreciation of hijabs and covers in fashion, we have to also acknowledge the cycle of abuse that Muslim women of all different ethnicities in fashion get met with on a regular basis within fashion houses, especially In Europe and America.”

Read her series of posts on the matter below.

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