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Everything We Know About Bella Hadid's Orebella
article @OREBELLA
by Mimi Droeshout 2-minute read April 17, 2024

Bella Hadid is set to enchant the beauty world with her new brand, Orebella.

article @OREBELLA

Our favorite supermodel, activist, and overall ultimate "It" girl, Bella Hadid, is once again launching into the business world with her upcoming beauty brand Orebella, and we’re buzzing with curiosity. Though details are still shrouded in mystery, this Palestinian-Dutch supermodel seems to be concocting something rooted in nature's mystic power.

After ending her ambassadorship with Charlotte Tilbury in February, the brand assured it was simply to make way for Bella's new endeavor, stating they, "look forward to the exciting launch of Orebella later this year." This trajectory feels utterly on-brand for Hadid, the free-spirited lover of all things natural and holistic. For instance, Kin Euphorics, Hadid's non-alcoholic beverage company, uses nootropic (aka cognitive-enhancing) ingredients that provide benefits beyond basic nutrition or flavor, positively affecting bodily functions to achieve an elevated state of health, mood, or well-being.

What kind of magic will Orebella be brewing? Evidence from trademark filings points to the brand conjuring up a full range of scent offerings like fragrances, oils, body lotions, candles, and even haircare. With an identity centered on earthy, naturalistic imagery, it seems Hadid is tapping into ancient alchemy to distill nature's most mystical essences.

Hadid has already charmed us into signing up for whatever sublime self-care rituals she has in store. Whatever otherworldly elixirs emerge, we're intrigued to finally get a look at Orebella's mystique when it unveils on May 2, 2024. The fashion maven's latest foray into beauty promises to be simply spellbinding.

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